SOLVED: How To Fix Huawei Honor 10 Camera IssueSOLVED: How To Fix Huawei Honor 10 Camera Issue

Fix Huawei Honor 10 Camera Issue: Huawei Honor 10 have been on sale for months now. The phone has impressed the buyers with its amazing camera specs and features. The camera of the phone clicks great still shots and videos. The company has offered a great camera quality just like the Huawei P20 Camera update. There are many good features of the Honor 10. Although all the smartphone has pros and cons so, Honor 10 also has some major problems.

Without any doubts, the errors are not the feature of a phone so this needs to be solved. Huawei phone problems are increasing day by day and the company has to immediately produce a solution. Many Honor 10 users have reported many issues in the device. So, looking at these issues, it’s hard to compare Honor 10 camera vs one plus 6. Some users have even claimed that phone not turning on after camera problems found.

Like Honor 8 and Honor 7, the new smartphone camera not working perfectly. After using the phone for review, we have found that the camera clicks blurry images, autofocus problem, and the zoom is not good. Beside the camera issue, the users also found no network, Bluetooth problems, GPS issue, audio quality, and wifi problem, but these are not major issues. Thes problems can be solved by updating the latest OS.

Now, you might have a doubt in mind that ‘is Honor 10 worth it’. Although, we cannot judge the quality and performance of the device by finding faults. There is always a solution for any type of problem. In this article, you will get all possible ways which can solve the camera issue. If you have any other problems regarding any phone model, then feel free to contact Gadgetsay Forum for expert suggestions. Let’s know how to fix the Huawei Honor 10 Camera Issue.

How To Fix Huawei Honor 10 Camera Issue

Clean Camera & Remove Cover

If you have covered the rear of the phone for protecting it against water, then remove it. Your hand should be clean while wiping with camera lenses so be prepared. You can use soft micro-fibre cloth the clean the camera. If you don’t get the micro-fibre cloth, then use any soft piece of cloth instead. Make sure that the camera doesn’t have any fingerprint or dust on it. Gently clean the lens.

SOLVED: How To Fix Huawei Honor 10 Camera Issue
SOLVED: How To Fix Huawei Honor 10 Camera Issue

Recovery Mode

The first thing to consider after cleaning the device in recovery mode. When you experience any camera error, you immediately think of camera replacement, but before that try these simple methods. Android devices are installed with Android Recovery Mode, which enables the users to fix any problems in their phones without visiting technician.

1. Turn off your Huawei Honor 10 smartphone.
2. Wait for the phone to turn off completely.
3. Now Press and hold Volume up button and the Power button together for few seconds.
4. Press the Power button to select the Recovery Mode option.
5. Now, you will notice your phone in stock recovery mode.

Wipe System Cache Partition

Removing Cache partition can help to remove the camera not focusing and wide aperture mode issue easily. Many of you have complained about touch screen not working, then you can also use this method for troubleshooting. Follow these simple steps to wipe system cache partition.

SOLVED: How To Fix Huawei Honor 10 Camera Issue
SOLVED: How To Fix Huawei Honor 10 Camera Issue

1. Use the above method to enter Recovery Mode and Power off the smartphone.
2. Press and hold the power button and volume up button until recovery mode enables.
3. Press volume buttons to highlight ‘wipe cache partition’ and power key to select.
4. Now reboot the smartphone like usual.
5. Open the camera app and check thoroughly.

Enable Safe Mode

Running the device in safe mode disables all the third-party apps and additional services in the phone. From this mode, you can know if any third party apps are affecting the inbuilt camera app.

SOLVED: How To Fix Huawei Honor 10 Camera Issue
SOLVED: How To Fix Huawei Honor 10 Camera Issue

1. Turn off the smartphone.
2. Now turn it on.
3. Press and hold volume down button until you see the Honor logo on the screen.
4. You will notice the safe mode at the left corner of the screen.
5. Restart the device if you want to exit the safe mode.

If the camera app works perfectly in safe mode, then uninstall any alternative camera app you have downloaded recently.

Hard Reset

If you find that none of the cameras works, then hard reset the smartphone. Don’t forget to back up the files, folders, images, and videos as a reset will delete all of them from the phone. These steps will help you to reset the smartphone.

SOLVED: How To Fix Huawei Honor 10 Camera Issue
SOLVED: How To Fix Huawei Honor 10 Camera Issue

1. Reboot the device into the recovery mode.
2. Select the “English” option and select Wipe Data and Cache option.
3. Now click on “Erase everything” option.
4. Click on “this cannot be undone”.
5. Now just wait till your device perform the factory reset.
6. Select Reboot option.

Final Verdict

So, these were the efficient solution how to fix Huawei Honor 10 Camera issue. If the camera issue still persists, the last option left is taking it to Huawei technician. You can also check for updates if you have missed any latest updates. Skipping the latest updates is always critical as it comes with bug fixes and many features. I hope you liked these methods and it helps you to solve the phone problem. You can also share this article with your friends who are facing the same obstacle.

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