Earbuds are a wonderful piece of technology. We love them because they offer us the convenience of enjoying multimedia content and calls on the go. Samsung earbuds are particularly popular due to their style, battery endurance and durability. However, they too experience issues once in a while and in this post, we’ll look at how to fix Samsung Galaxy Buds common problems. It’s important to know how to diagnose and fix issues with your Galaxy Buds. Failure to do that could mean the end of your music enjoyment. 

Steps to Fix Samsung Galaxy Buds Common Problems

Connection (Pairing) Issue 

If your Samsung Galaxy Buds are unable to pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth or they keep getting disconnected, then try the following.

  • Check that nothing is obstructing the two devices. Other electronic devices and walls are known to block Bluetooth. Electronics block Bluetooth range due to their metal casing. 
  • Ensure you download and install the latest Galaxy Wearable app and update your smartphone. 
  • Check that your earbuds and the device you want to pair with are within 10meters of each other. Bluetooth will often have problems establishing a connection outside that range.
  • You can restart your smartphone or the Galaxy Wearable app. 

Audio Quality Issue 

Audio distortion (breaking): This is likely caused by venturing outside Bluetooth optimal connection radius, so if you move too far from your smartphone and notice audio quality deteriorating, just move back within range. The presence of other electromagnetic waves emitting devices is also known to cause a disturbance so you might want to check that too. There can also be echo during calls, in this case just adjust the volume of your earbuds accordingly. 

Bud Automatically Turns Off

If your earbuds are automatically turning off, then you want to check that they’re sufficiently charged. Often the device will warn you if it’s out of charge or issue alerts based on battery level. Otherwise, it’s always nice to ensure your earbuds are fully charged before you use them.

Only One Galaxy Bud is connecting 

First, check that both earbuds are adequately charged and if not charge them. Next, check that the Bud that fails to connect is not damaged by connecting it to a different device. You can protect your buds from damage by storing them in their proper case when not in use, and also not leaving them unattended with small kids around who are likely to swallow them or drench them in saliva. Saliva will damage Buds just like water would and they’re often hard to repair other than replacing them completely.

Volume Issue

Low volume issue can often be remedied by going to Settings on the Samsung wearable app then changing the tap functionality to Right-tap: volume up, Left Tap: Volume down. That way you can increase the volume really high. … And in Samsung Wearables app, set it’s EQ (Equalizer) to on and Dynamic.

And that’s how to fix Samsung Galaxy Buds common issues. Did any of the tips above fix an issue you’re having with your earbud? Let us know in the comments section below.

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