discord fix rate limited error

Discord, a VOIP app designed by Microsoft, has many features that help gamers in many ways. More the number of features, then there will be more chances of errors. It is common for an app like these to have specific mistakes. One of them is the You Are Being Rate Limited error, which a lot of users are reporting. It means that you have tried a specific action to run for an infinite time. Also, it will be enabled if you try to enter OTP by guessing wrongly.

discord fix rate limited error

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There is some hacking software that assumes the pair of security code and hacks into Discord. What happens is that after receiving this error then you will not be able to use Discord for a fixed period. The reason for doing this is that Discord currently has 250 million users. So, to maintain a stable connection throughout the day, Discord restricts a few people like this.

You Are Being Rate Limited

Once that ends, then you can use all the features as before. But the thing is, even after waiting. Some users are still limited, i.e., they don’t have any access. What Discord does is that they will block your IP address for a few minutes or an hour. Since most internet providers these days give an option of having dynamic IP addresses, you can easily bypass this restriction. Do note that you should have a Dynamic IP address to bypass this restriction. Dynamic IP address means your address will change as soon as you guys restart your PC or router. Follow the below steps to solve the same.

Solution 1: Restart or power cycle your router to fix the “You are rare limited” error. 

As we said above, this will only help if you have a dynamic IP address option by your Internet Service Provider. Without that, doing this step is a complete waste. To power cycle, your router, follow the steps below.

  • Remove the plug of your router from the socket.
  • Now, press and hold the power switch for a minute.
  • Wait for a few minutes, say 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Now, insert the plug back into the socket.
  • Open Discord and check if the error still exists or not. If it exists, restart your computer and give it a try.

Solution 2: Use a VPN if you don’t have a Dynamic IP address.

We know that some of you guys will not have the dynamic IP feature which is provided by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to you guys. In cases like these, using a VPN will solve the problem for you guys. We meant by this is that connecting to a VPN will give you a new IP address. Check after connecting to VPN if the You Are Being Rate Limited issue is fixed or not.

Solution 3: Try using another browser.

At least a few of you guys will be using the web client of Discord. So you must use a browser to access the same. Try changing the browser to check if the error still exists or not.

We know that this is a small article because they aren’t many solutions available to this You Are Being Rate Limited error. Also, we are sure that the above solutions will fix the issue for you guys. Don’t forget to share the article with your friends’ circle. Also, a comment will be much appreciated.

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