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Do you have a bricked Lephone W8 and desperately searching for ways to flash the stock ROM? Then you’re in good company because that’s exactly the focus of this article. A quick search online on how to flash stock ROM on Lephone W8 using flash file yields many results but most are long winding tales lacking in specifics. We present the steps here succinctly, to prevent confusion so that you can get your device back in operation as quickly as possible. 

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The process outlined here on how to flash stock ROM on Lephone W8 using flash file can also be used to unroot your device or fix any custom firmware bugs that are preventing the optimal functioning of your smartphone. It will also be handy for those looking to upgrade or downgrade their device firmware. Lephone W8 is a great smartphone that comes with a powerful processor. 

Stock ROM Advantages

Android is full of possibilities, thanks to its open-source nature. Modding is possible because of that and now we have awesome custom ROMs but also the ability to flash stock ROM if things go wrong for some reason. This opens ways to play around with our smartphones and customize appearance and performance to our heart’s desire. Rooting and flashing device ROMs are wonderful but only if done properly and with care. Otherwise, it might result in costly mistakes. 

Installing Stock ROM on Lephone W8 can be accomplished in two ways. The first method uses a tool called the Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL). This utility is designed specifically for devices running the Qualcomm processor such as the Lephone W8.  The second method uses the QGDP tool. QGDP is an upgraded version of the YGDP tool. The tool is used to flash the CPB Firmware on Android devices and the Lephone W8 is among those supported. 

Reasons to flash stock ROM?

Flushing stock ROM of Lephone W8 has a number of benefits such as:

  1. To unbrick your device
  2. Resolve Boot issues such as the boot loop
  3. Upgrade or downgrade your device
  4. Unroot if rooted and fix custom ROM bugs such as the audio stutter bug


NB: While every effort has been made to ensure the information in this article is as accurate as possible. We cannot be held liable for any damage that results from your use of this information. Flashing ROM has risks. Proceed with caution.

Method 1: Flash stock ROM on Lephone W8 using QFIL

1. The first step to using the Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL) is ensuring you have supported drivers. You can download and install Qualcomm USB Drivers below if you don’t have them already.

Download Qualcomm USB 32-Bit  |  Qualcomm USB-64-Bit  |   Standard Qualcomm USB Drivers

2. Download the QFIL package and extract it at a location you can find easily such as the desktop. Open the folder after extracting it.

3. Launch the application by double-clicking the QFIL application or right-click and select “Open” or “Run”.

4. Once launched, you’ll see a screen that looks like this.

5. Switch off your phone then press Volume Up

6. Connect your Lephone W8 to PC using a USB cable.

7. The Phone model will be shown on the PC.

8. Click Browse and choose the firmware you downloaded above on the QFIL application.

9. Choose the firmware as shown.

10. Click the download button to initiate the installation process.

11. The installation will take about 15 minutes. Do not disconnect your phone from the PC.

12. Once complete, the device will reboot.

13. You’re good to go.

Method 2: Flash stock ROM on Lephone W8 using QGDP

An increasing number of smartphone manufacturers such as Evercross use QGDP to install their stock ROMs. This tool works with any device that’s compatible with CPB file format. Here are the steps on how to flash stock ROM on Lephone W8 using a flash file with the QGDP tool.

1. Download and install the QGDP tool onto your computer from the link above. 

2. Launch the QGDP tool and go to Config > Select CPB Files. 

3. Browse the ROM folder and choose.CPB

4. Engage and wait for the tool to identify the file.

5. Next, press start to initiate the process of installation

6. Switch off your smartphone and remove the battery is removable.

7. Connect your Lephone W8 to the computer via USB cable.

8. The flashing process will commence once the device is detected by the computer.

9. Wait until the process concludes.

10. Disconnect the phone, reboot and you’re good to go.

Additional notes regarding QGDP tool. 

QGDP tool offers a similar interface to the YGDP but with enhancements that allow flashing of the CPB format. It comes in multiple versions such as QGDP assembly and QGDP SMT. Both versions support old and new CPB file formats. YGDP would fail to identify the latest CPB format but QGDP can flash pretty much all CPB formats.

QGDP also allows one to check device information such as Testing Fuse information,eMMC CID, and Testing instruments info.

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