FLASNAKE VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons
FLASNAKE VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons

FLASNAKE VR: Virtual Reality is an interesting idea to explore the whole world without a ticket or visa. It is just the increasing advancement in technology. The Virtual reality headset and motion tracking, allows any person to experience the complete virtual space. It feels like you are really living the moment. It lets you interact with game characters, experience roller coaster rides, explore a jungle full of animals, and many more.

However, it was not easy for the developers to develop the virtual reality in past, but with the increasing technological equipment that made it possible. It has been a challenging technology for many years that it still on its developing stages. Although, the VR market has already got plenty of headsets which offers fabulous performance. Experiencing the VR world is not at all expensive now.

Virtual reality is commendable and absolutely hereabouts and promptly in 2018, there are a prominent stock VR headsets to pick from, beginning at the PC systems and leading all the way to smartphone VR headsets. Many of the buyers are moving to buy a smartphone VR as they come at an affordable price and they are easy to set-up at the same time. You don’t have to struggle with setting up the wires and buying a high-end desktop.

Today, we will discuss an interesting VR headset which is known as FLASNAKE 3D VR Headset. It is packed with many advanced features and the design is also beautiful. If you have any queries relating to our articles or products, the feel free to contact Gadgetsay Forum. So, if you are ready, then let’s begin the FLASNAKE VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons.

FLASNAKE VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons

FLASNAKE VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons
FLASNAKE VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons


FLASNAKE VR Headset comes with an innovative black design which gives a classy look to the device. The virtual reality headset is outfitted with a T-shape head strap which is made of soft material. It helps the device to fit on your head properly and avoid it to slip from the back. You can easily adjust to straps which are suitable for all head sizes.

The VR headset is developed from ABS plastic and PU leather which doesn’t let any side-effect on your skin. The soft PU leather material reduces the weight around your eyes, face and on the head that keeps you comfortable while wearing the VR. The best part is that the device has received enough nose space as it has a nose mount built-in.

The device is developed with latest technological skills and elements which makes it lightweight. The device is not very large so you will not feel heavy on your head after watching for a long duration. The interior of the device is also well-built with soft padded cushions. It comes with a user-friendly design, relaxed adjustable headband, eye-protected HD lens, built-in headphones, and many more. It is equipped with a detachable front cover which allows good heat dissipation.

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FLASNAKE VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons
FLASNAKE VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons


The VR glasses are developed with Japan Optical PMMA Ergonomic Aspheric High-Definition Lenses which are completely safe for your eyes. It features adjustable Pupil and focal distance which provides immersive virtual reality experience. It allows you to adjust the lenses and relieve eye weariness. It also features a blue light filter that overcomes the infliction of blue light to the eyes.

FLASNAKE VR is offered with 100° immersive wide field of view and 360° panoramic videos and 3D images. It is suitable for 600 degrees myopia without glasses. Overall, the features are worth its price. If you are buying your first VR, then must try this. If you love playing games in your smartphone, then you must have a VR for the more advanced experience.

The VR is equipped with a high-level quality stereo headphone which offers advanced sound quality. The audio-visual experience is just fabulous with the device. The headphones developed of good quality memory foam which presents effective sound-proofing to diminish the noise in the surrounding. It has flexibly adjustable headphones which can be used by kids as well.

Wide Compatibility

FLASNAKE 3D VR Headset supports almost all iOS and Android smartphones with a screen size between 4.7- 6.0 inches and the exterior dimensions remain at 3.15″x6″. Here are some smartphones which work perfectly with the FLASNAKE VR.
iPhone X 8 7 plus, 6s/ 6/ 6 plus
Samsung Galaxy S5/ S6/ S6 edge/ S7/S7 edge, Note 4/ 5/ 6/ 7
LG G3, G4, G5, G6, V10, V20
Huawei Mate 9 Pro
Nexus 5/ 6P
OnePlus 5
HTC U11, and many more.

FLASNAKE VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons
FLASNAKE VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons

How to use FLASNAKE 3D VR Google?

1. Download a video, game or VR movie on your smartphone and start it.
2. Place your smartphone in the front pocket and lock it.
3. Now, adjust the head strap to obtain your comfort level.
4. Adjust pupil and focal distance of the VR device.
5. Adjust the headphone on your ears. That’s it!
Now you can enjoy a panoramic theater adventure.

Pros & Cons

1. Adjustable Stereo Headphones
2. Adjustable Pupil And Focal Distance
3. Support 3D quality Images
4. Wide Compatibility

1. Less interior space
2. Not suitable for people wearing glasses

Final Verdict

So, this was the FLASNAKE VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons. It is available at a reasonable price which can be afforded by anyone. You don’t need a high-end PC or top-specs smartphone to use this amazing VR. I’m sure that you will have the best experience with this product.

This device is available in Amazon. If you want to purchase, then click on the button present above. I hope you liked this article and will have a great experience with it. You can also share it with your friends and families who are searching for the best VR at an affordable price.