Furibee H801 Remote Control Tiny Quadcopter With HD CameraFuribee H801 Remote Control Tiny Quadcopter With HD Camera

Furibee H801: Furibee is known for producing fascinating drones. Here is another Furibee drone which is more likely a mini-quadcopter. The latest FuriBee H801 is a quadcopter with some interesting features and exciting design. In this article, we will discuss a brief review on Furibee’s latest H801 quadcopter.

The quadcopter is available in two alternatives, one with a standalone camera and one with WiFi FPV camera. You can get the device in two colors orange and black. The camera is mounted on the tip of the device at which is forward facing direction. It comes with a 2MP and 720P High Definition Camera. The design is also decent which includes a light exterior. It is best for flying indoor purposes like capturing pictures on special occasions.

Furibee H801 Remote Control Tiny Quadcopter With HD Camera
Furibee H801 Remote Control Tiny Quadcopter With HD Camera

It captures astonishing pictures and records videos. Overall, the quadcopter performance is good enough to capture your special moments. You can share the captured images in social media to gain more likes. The APP technology automatically beautifies your photos which help you to click perfect selfies. It is controlled using flat control sticks which work properly.

You can buy this Furibee H801 quadcopter if you want to use it for indoor pictures. It includes 6-Axis Gyroscope for durability which executes several flights moves wind resistance. It supports the 360-degree movement or compass mode. With the One-Key Return technology, the drone manages the remote controller perfectly. You can press one-key-return button, and the drone will return easily.

Furibee H801 comes with 2.4GHz technology which allows strong signal and real-time transmission. You can download the APP to manage the drone direction using a phone. The drone is mini and adorable with dual LED indicators which indicate the power. It packs a Battery of 3.7V and 260mAh capacity. It can survive in air for about 5 minutes and gets fully charged within 90 minutes. It comes with 2.4GHz wireless remote control and works under 80 – 100 meters. You can control the quadcopter via Wi-Fi under 30 – 50 meters. You can use 3 x AAA battery on the remote control. The size of the mini-drone is 3.54 x 3.54 x 2.36 inches.

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