World Of Warcraft is one of the best Role-Playing online games in the world. It is a very popular game, that was made by Blizzard Entertainment in 2004. It is a very popular game and even the new World Of Warcraft which is Shadowlands got released last month. Now everything is good with this game but in-order to play this game you need to buy it, so in this small article, I’m gonna tell you Games like World Of Warcraft (WOW) in 2020.

games like wow

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Best Games like WOW -World of Warcraft

Destiny 2

The first game on our list is called “Destiny 2”. This game is apparently a First Person Shooter game. It is an online, free-to-play game which makes it more accessible to gamers. Like World Of Warcraft, this game also offers you to customize Guardian and select a weapon of your choice. This game also allows you to customize your play style as well. You get different CO-OP missions like World Of Warcraft and there is also a PvP mode to play with your friends. To download this game you can click on the Link Below-

Download Destiny 2 

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The second game on our list is Star Wars: The Old Republic, in this game you have to team up with your friends to save the world from destruction. It is very intensive and engaging at the same time. You can also go Solo and play alone, overall it is a good game if you want to play a multiplayer game with your friends. The download link of this game is available below-

Download Star Wars: The Old Republic


The third game on our list is called Skyforge. It is an MMORG game where you play as an immortal warrior, there are different types of classes that players can switch between. This game also won the MMORG Game Of Year in 2015. The download link of this game is available here-

Download Skyforge

Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul is another MMORG title that looks exactly like WoW and even the gameplay is very similar to it. This game is even known as the Korean Verison of World Of Warcraft. The only thing different from WoW is that this game is free to play the game. The download link for this game is available below-

Download Blade and Soul


TERA is another MMORG title, it is a free to play game and is heavily inspired by World Of Warcraft. This game also features a PvP Mode, which can let you play this game with your friends too. The download link of this game is available below-

Download TERA 

Path Of Exile

Path Of Exile is another great MMORG Game that you can play with your friends, this game includes a PvP Mode that is very good and is one of the best PvP Modes in MMORG Games. The game also has a great community that helps new players as well. Overall it is a great game and to download it you can go to the link mentioned below-


Age of Conan

games like wow

Another great alternative to WoW would be Age of Conan, it offers a very similar experience to World Of Warcraft. You can also explore the legend of Conan with this game and most importantly it is a free-to-play game. The download link is mentioned below-


So this was a list of all the games similar to WoW that users can download and play for free. We hope that you like our list.

Everyone knows about World of Warcraft. Launched in 2004, this online game has one of the largest player bases and is one of the highest-grossing games of all time. What sets World of Warcraft apart is the immense freedom it offers to players. They can complete quests, fight monsters, take on challenges, and roleplay all with other players. In order to stay competitive in a pool of millions of players, some users have turned to wow boost such as askboosters to get themselves up the ranks, as well as secure some enticing endgame rewards without heavy grinding.

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