Amazing Device "Garadget" Which Controls Your Garage Door RemotelyAmazing Device "Garadget" Which Controls Your Garage Door Remotely
Amazing Device "Garadget" Which Controls Your Garage Door Remotely
Amazing Device “Garadget” Which Controls Your Garage Door Remotely

Garadget: The Garadget is garage door controller which is launched by Softcomplex. The Garadget is very safe, really easy to install and compatible with a multitude of different devices. This feature is really helpful that stops accidents like sometimes you have to come back to double-check if you have closed the garage gate, admiring that the garage was left open all night, getting dropped off at home by the mechanic’s shuttle to recognize that if the garage remote is left back in the car.

Whole New Garadget Which Controls Your Garage Door Remotely
Whole New Garadget Which Controls Your Garage Door Remotely

Garadget owns a 120Mhz STM32F205 ARM Cortex M3 processor that makes the Garadget run smoothly. You don’t have to displace the garage door to take the advantage of the cloud-enabled garage door opener. The device carries 128KB RAM with 1MB flash and 1MB PSI flash. The Broadcom BCM43362 Wi-Fi chip which is capable of running 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi. The device has 5mW 650nm laser is inserted in the body of the unit, which is used to sense the position of the door.

Moreover, the device works on 5V power, which is normally consuming less than 100mA. The users have to select among the stand-alone garage controllers and that which can be used with home automation networks. Once all the setup is done, there is no requirement of batteries to replace or bills to pay. It is FCC, CE and IC certified and uses a real-time operating system, FreeRTOS while connecting to Wi-Fi using a software-enabled access point. The Cloud API is opened using REST protocol.

Here we will tell you how the Garadget works, as earlier we have told it is very helpful for controlling your garage door. This can be done by simulating a physical tap on the wall button of your garage. Here you are not actually pressing the button but when you connect to the garage door opener the Garadget send an electrical signal to the opener telling the door to open. The device senses the position of the door using a small reflective tag which is inserted on your door.

This reflective tag keeps updates to your device of the door position. The device links to the cloud server using your WiFi router. The Garadget uses this cloud technology so you can connect to the cloud server from other various devices. The device comes with many options likes it comes with the mobile apps for iOS and Android smartphones, web app for computers and less popular phones, wearable apps, and home automation plugins.

You can easily set up the device by yourself it is very simple. You just need to follow the four steps.

The New Garadget Comfortable For Garage Door Controller
Amazing Device “Garadget” Which Controls Your Garage Door Remotely

1) Download the Garadget app, or log in on the web interface.

2) After downloading the app you have to configure Garadget to your Wi-Fi network. Then you have to connect it to your garage door opener using the provided wires and screwdrivers.

3) In this step you have to simply need to connect the device to your actual garage door opener, the laser should be facing the garage door, using one of the supplied sticky tabs.

4) Lastly, you have to affix one of the adhesive reflective tags at the point where the laser is shining on the door. The laser making contact with the reflective tab is how Garadget keeps track of the status of the door.

In the device, you are provided with two adhesive pads of each type if ever you need to move the Garadget. So we hope you find the device helpful. We hope after using the device, it develops the daily life of your family and friends, and open to being an environmentally responsible product.

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