An Amazing GEIO FPS Battle Bot With Visual IdentificationAn Amazing GEIO FPS Battle Bot With Visual Identification

GEIO: The GJS CO. Ltd has launched the first new fighting robot GEIO. The GEIO is directed to give you the powerful robotic battle adventure, it is provided with First Person Shooter (FPS) and Visual Recognition system. The GEIO is connected to the groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. You will feel like a hero while using FPS robot battle when the fight starts you will not like to leave the battlefield. FPS battle Bot connect real and virtual spaces that give you amazing entertainment out-of-body experience.

An Amazing GEIO FPS Battle Bot With Visual Identification
An Amazing GEIO FPS Battle Bot With Visual Identification

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The FPS battel Bot players are provided with different weapons and techniques in all play mode. Using auto-tracking and auto-identifying the players get intensive battle experience. There are four types of the battle mode you can choose which include Royal Duel, Attack and Defense, Scavenger Hunt Race, and Speed Race these modes are really excited. When you are fighting against your friends there is a set of connecting with a smartphone the state-of-the-art tech provide you updated weapons to hit enemies at the dangerous moment.

When you are playing with your friends the Attacking and Defending teams must capture the area across the battlefield. The attacker has lower HP but can run fast and the defender is not able to move, it can only turn around and is implemented with more HP and stronger weapon. The amazing running speed, the GEIO can rotate 360-degrees and can accelerate 2 meters in just one second. Using this technology you can replace the treasure hunt of any area into a fantastic race full of interaction and adventure. Both the team will race each other to be the first one to find hidden treasure emblems.

Here you can also stop each other on the way to reaches the destination and be the winner. You can control the sight of the GEIO while driving into battle. You only have to swipe your fingers to get a magnificent and FPV experience. Using the FPV and a built-in camera that is present in GEIO helps you to shoot your opponents as a First Person Shooter accurately. The AI recognition algorithm helps your robot to fight with the human and has the ability to recognize robots, identify and fire enemies. It also has the ability to scan the surrounding and find the opponents.

It can identify other GEIOs, Gankers, totems in any angels and situations. It has the ability to identify human’s face and can communicate with you. Using its personality and AI emotions the bot will show its feelings from curious, grateful to melancholy. The amazingly created interface and the colorful icon will allow you to have unique shooting experience. If you want to buy the new and amazing robot the visit Kickstarter and get it in just $84,980 to compete with your friends.

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