Get Gmail Hacking eBook For Free With Several Other TricksGet Gmail Hacking eBook For Free With Several Other Tricks

The Gmail hacking eBooks is also one of our most demanded eBooks by users, after numbers of demand on our site and emails bound us to make an arrangement of this eBook, the Gmail eBook will have 3 Part if you see 4th one then you will be lucky of it.

  • Part I: Starting to Use Gmail
  • Part II: Getting Inside Gmail
  • Part III: Conquering Gmail
  • Part IV: Hacking Into Gmail

Request it from here: PDF File Is Here

The Gmail hacking is one of the ethical hacking by which you will learn Using GmailFS and a way to using Greasemonkey in a perfect way, also Building an API from the HTML-Only Version of Gmail.

Of course, all that power just begs to be abused. Power corrupts, as they say, and hackers are nothing but a corrupt bunch: Almost as soon as Gmail was launched, hackers were looking at ways to use those capabilities for other purposes. They investigated the incredibly rich interface, and saw how much of the processing is done on the user’s own machine; they burrowed into the communication between the browser and the server, and they developed a series of interfaces for scripting languages to allow you to control Gmail from your own programs.

This book shows what they did,how to do it yourself,and what to do after you’ve mastered the techniques.Meanwhile,you’ll also learn all about Ajax,the terribly fashionable JavaScript technique that Gmail brought into the mainstream. Two topics for the price of one!

So how can you get this just free of cost? Go to this link and request the PDF file directly to your email account

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