Whatsapp has been running quite good from all the years. Recently launched call option surprised the users, And we all love it. With the growth of technology the communication is getting bigger and easier.

Good news for WhatsApp users, WhatsApp is getting an update for both IOS and ANDROID with an amazing new feature of voicemail. Previously WhatsApp added the call option but they left the feature with the text back option or call back if the call is missed or not answered. Even that was pretty good as it helped millions of people to communication over a voice call.

But it is time for voicemail. The hype is real among the users to test the new feature and use it as soon as possible. Now the current version of WhatsApp will not support the additional feature. This feature arrived for iPhone users first, And now even google play will get this as the company decided to roll out to android users also.

And the latest beta version for Android gets an additional feature to share content with multiple contacts and also the groups simultaneously. Android is getting all the new features via stable build from the google play store version v2.16.225. This features will provide the leave a voicemail option if WhatsApp call is not answered. And just like the voice message in cellular networks the voicemail will send the voice message.

But the thing is that the sender cannot hear it before sending it. But this option will be available later with future updates. This version has also brought the ability to send some secret fonts by writing ”’ before and after the text message. Also android has got multiple send option by which the user can send the message to multiple contacts at a time. Previously the user had to send one by one.


Steps On How To Send A Voice Message:

Step 1: First you need to tap the Voice Message button.

Step 2: Then you have to hold down the Voice Message button in order record the message.

Step 3: Once it is recorded, Then you should lift your finger now from the button to send voicemail to a contact who declined or missed your WhatsApp call.

In order to check the new features for the first time, you just need to register for Google Play beta testing program for the WhatsApp, and then you should download the latest build from the Google Play store.

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