It is sure that one day every Microsoft Windows OS users need to move to Windows 10 and any user don’t want to pay for windows 10 then continue the reading and know what exactly we are trying to say about How to just activate your computer to get Free Windows 10 after 29 July.

If you are using Windows 7 or 8.1 then later on you have to pay $119 for Windows 10 upgrade after 29 July but before that if you get your windows 10 then it would be free. Many people really don’t like Windows 10 concept as the report from the various source says, but in this trick, you will be rolling back to your windows version the same as you left. But you will have your Windows 10 Licence by this trick.

If you are running a genuine windows version PC then you will receive an upgrade to Windows 10 and along with that, your computer will receive a Digital Entitlement which is a online bot extract your computer specification to see whether your PC is eligible for Windows 10 OS or not.

How To Get Windows 10 For Free After July 29th If You Don’t Want To Pay

Once you are confirmed to Windows 10 user then later on you can roll back to your old version of Windows, not only this you can install Linux or reinstall the same Windows 10 because your computer motherboard is activated as a genuine hardware and if your motherboard got damaged then your Windows activation will be void.

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This Free Windows 10 licence is only workable for PC which does not use your Microsoft account to get activated, it only uses your System ID to get your unique User ID because every hardware device has their own Identity.

Till now we understood that why and how to use Windows 10 installation policy to mark it as genuine.

Now if you have installed your Windows 10 Free version and want to roll back your old Windows 7 or 81 then follow the process from below.

It is sure and to remember that once you installed the free version of Windows 10 within 29 July you can roll back to your old OS version and at any time after 29 July you can reinstall your Windows 10 without paying #119. After you activate your Windows 10, you can install any version of Windows on your computer which will be activated soon you connet your computer to the internet.


  1. Get installed Windows 10 And Activate Computer for Future Windows 10 version without payment.
  2. Making an identical or duplicate copy of your current version of OS Disk so that you can get back your exact old computer even after installation of Windows 10.

Method1: Download Windows 10 upgrade tool, run it and agree to upgrade your computer to Windows 10, complete all the formal and other casual installation process and after your Windows 10 is Installed on your PC, click on Start button and move to Update & Security which can be found under settings.

click on Start button and move to Update & Security

Now click on Activation and see whether it is activated by digital Entitlement or not, if yes then you can uninstall this Windows 10 version and can reinstall Windows 10 whenever you like it, but do not change the system motherboard, after your installation wait for an hour so that Microsoft connects your computer hardware activation system via the internet to their server to registration of your computer identity.

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After that one hour, your activation tab will seem to be activated by Digital Entitlement and the move to the Recovery tab and click on Get Started (Please Read that Before Get Started) under your older version of Windows 7 or 8.1.

Once you selected Get Started

Once you selected Get Started to Go back your previous Windows version, Windows 10 will automatically uninstall from your computer and old or previous version of Windows will be there installed on your computer C drive where it was earlier.

Method2: Get exact Windows version which you have left before the Windows 10 installation. This is also known as backing up your entire computer C drive in which it includes installed applications or programs. We will create an image file of your Windows 7 or 8.1 boot system, the system or drive where you have installed your windows, by default it always on C drive, so we are creating an Image file of C drive so that you can get your exact computer installed programmes and files after the rolling back to this version of OS.

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Now time has come to get an external USB hard drive, which can hold upto 50GB of the file and your Image file will have to store on that Drive, the drive will be played as a role of Pen drive so that you can store your Image file on this new External hard drive. If you already have Pendrive having more than 50GB of storage capacity then you can use it.

Now create an image file and for that you need to download the tool which helps to create image file, and we advise to use Macrium Reflect, download this which is a free version, after downloading, Install and run the application, the wizard will appear, click on Rescue Media if you don’t see any pop up asking create Rescue Media then click on Tasks and then Create Rescue Media(manual process) follow up the wizard, select the default option and then select your bootable device(How To Create Bootable USB Drive For Windows) Your device must have a Windows booting feature, if not then follow the link provided.

we advise to use Macrium Reflect

We have selected bootable pendrive because it is fast then creating a CD Disc.

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On the next stage, you will be prompt asking about the drive, select the entire disc, under the source tick that box. And under the Destination on Folder select your vacant or reserve hard drive.

Destination on Folder select your vacant or reserve hard drive

Click on Next and then again next skipping advance settings and scheduling and then click Finish. Now Macrium will star creating an Image file wait for a while until it creates your hard drive image file and will be stored on your selected hard drive.

After done creating that image file you can find that on that drive where you have saved it. Now you can install your Windows 10 by following the same process as mentioned above, click on here you will be directed to upgrade to Windows 10, this is time taking the process of installation of Windows 10.

Afterall Installation complete you can check out your Windows 10, and whenever you want to roll back to your old Windows then inform me I will come to your computer and fix that, Huh kidding.

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Follow the next steps to roll back to your previous loved windows version, Make sure that you have a drive as I told you that it should be bootable, also shared you a link that how to create a bootable pendrive or hard drive.

Is your drive does have that image file and also the drive is bootable functioned then you are good to go, turn off your computer and then insert your USB Drive(Drive where your Image file exists), and then restart your computer, soon your computer will be prompt to boot from Pendrive if not then continues press F11 to get your Motherboard BIOS settings at the time of booting up your computer and go to the Boot Option.

You will be prompt with a recovery tool, connect your USB drive where you stored the Image recovery file and from the tool itself select the button Restore Image, click on browse to find your image file on that drive and then after selected click on Restore Image, the identical image will be back to your computer.

 click on Restore Image

Now the time came, select only that drive which you have taken backup as Image file, Make sure that you are restoring the Image file only on the drive from where you earlier created the Image file. If you choose the wrong one then you will lose your data and your all hard work will become of no use. so make it a serious point and select wisely.

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Select the source and the Destination disc, use “Copy selected partitions” option to copy the Image file back to the harddisk on your computer. Now after that click Next and skip by clicking on Next finally click on Finish button, Macrium will restore your previous version of Windows by overwriting on Windows 10, and it will still be activated to install genuine Windows 10 anytime.

Copy selected partitions

You can get rid out of this backing up your important application on windows!

If you really want to install and keep that application or programme then don’t install it C drive where you have installed your Windows OS, the best way to get your application even after several OS change. There is also a better way to keep dual boot or triple boot option on your computer so that you can select any OS as per your choice at the time of booting up, as Windows7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

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