Redmi AirDots S

We’re excited to announce that Xiaomi’s Redmi AirDots S Bluetooth wireless headset is out. You can get a pair at just 99.9 Yuan (~$14.01). The headsets come in black color and support Bluetooth 5.0. technology.

The Redmi AirDots S are equipped with Realtek RTL8763BFR chip. The chip has become synonymous with Bluetooth 5.0 and offers a super-fast transmission rate compared to older Bluetooth chipsets. The new chipset is capable of connecting to smartphones instantaneously when unboxed and powered on. Users will also experience seamless switching between binaural and mono modes without the need to repair their devices. 

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Audio output is greatly enhanced with 7.2mm drivers. They also offer better functionality with touch controls. This makes it a breeze to manage volume and playback on your device while on the move. With Redmi AirDots S controls you can conveniently summon voice assistants like XiaoAI, Google Voice or Siri.  The user can call any assistant without the need to get the phone out of the pocket or carry case. Another great feature we’ve just discovered that’s coming with the Redmi AirDots S is the DSP noise cancellation function for calls. This is build right onto the headset.

The Redmi AirDots S has sufficient 40mAh battery which can power it for up to 4 hours straight and there’s a supplementary backup battery on the charging case with 300mAh capacity sufficient to last for 12 hours. Redmi also added a low latency game mode specifically for gamers, this feature can be activated via a button on the earbud. 

The headphones measure just 26.65 by 16.4 by 21.6mm and the charging case is 62 by 40 by 27.2mm. The earbuds weigh just under 5 grams and the case 35.4 grams. Hurry up and grab yours today from here

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