Gionee M2017 Smartphone With 7000mAh Powerful BatteryGionee M2017 Smartphone With 7000mAh Powerful Battery

Gionee has taken a move towards by introducing M2017. The Chinese phone manufacturer produces a huge battery Smartphone Gionee M2017. This is the leading battery in the Smartphone with 7000mAh in Gionee M2017.

This phone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 chip. Gionee M2017 Smartphone is an impressive phone because of metal and leather body. It has 5.7-inch screen size and 2560 x 1440 resolution AMOLED panel phone. It has 6GB of RAM involved which can be said as a power pack compared to your tablet.

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The battery of the phone will survive for 32 hours of talk time and 26 hours of non-stop video. The phone appears in two variants first one has 128GB of onboard storage and second has 256GB of storage onboard.

Gionee M2017 has dual rear camera unit with a 12mp and 13mp lens which guarantee an iPhone 7 Plus-style 2X optical zoom and the front selfie camera has the 8mp lens, there is also a front-facing fingerprint reader. Gionee brand cannot pull top users and the weight of the phone is weighs 238 grams and has 155.2mm*77.6mm*10.78mm dimensions which are 50 grams less than the iPad Mini 4.

The phone weight is very nearly about 7″ tablet. Gionee took two 3500mAh batteries to reach 7000 mAh battery capacity. The weird thing about the arrangement is its low power chipset with super heavy battery and then the price tag. It also consists of USB Type-C port, Nano Sim.

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On its release, The Gionee M2017 will function amigo 3.5 OS which established by Android 6 Marshmallow. On the deal of M2017 in China on January 6th the price start at RMB 6,999 (about $1,007) for a 128GB model and RMB 16,999 ($2,446) for a 256GB model.

In the market, the phone is not much costly it’s price is nearly about the ordinary phones. The same as you normally make the payment for the stylish and classy handset likes of Vertu and Lamborghini. It is pretty sure that Gionee is having a bet that you should go to spend on both displays and use your phone non-stop.

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