Have you ever thought from where you get those spams and malware while using Gmail. We know that there are spams in Gmail and also we may become the victim of the malware or some fishing web pages which is very dangerous and can lead to hack. Unknowingly we all click that lottery or jackpot mails.

And then we get in the web of hacker and loose all the information. Recently fishing became very popular in the internet world for hackers. Because people don’t know that fishing even exist. For your info let me tell you that fishing is a process where the hacker sends the fake web page link to the victim and gain account info. Emails can be confusing though we check em all on a daily basis.

Recently Google has released new security services which will help the user to understand the types of mail he gets and he can get a better idea about the type of mail he is going to open. With that being said what I mean is that the user will get different icons on the messages depending upon the type and function of the message. Those new features are not out yet but google stated that they will be out soon.And these features will be available for android and google the web.


The users will have a clear and understandable interface with Gmail after the release of these features. Normally the user gets trapped by spams and other malware messages which he cannot recognize and this problem has been around Gmail since years. So what they did is the new icon as a question mark will appear on the profile pic of senders instead of the picture if the sender has not been authenticated by sender policy or policy framework (SPF).

Also, google is extending safe browsing feature from google search and google chrome to email too for the web only. If you receive the message in the form of a link to any website which is normally what hackers do for hacking or the link consist any malware, Then the users will get the warning message.

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