How to Enable Google Dialer New Floating Bubble Feature

Floating Bubble: Google is always trying new features for their users. Google has an amazing feature the new portable dialer. This feature helps those people, who are satisfied in multitasking including calls. You can also accept calls in between your works. Many developers are planning to make calls more comfortable which set the network. The Google Dialer floating has taken all the attention of people, and hence it is one of the best features of Google.

All the Android users can take the advantage of this feature, but this system utilization is not available on every device. There are some people who don’t know how they will set on their Android. You can install Google dialer Android O Pixel Launcher on Marshmallow and Nougat. You don’t have to worry, with the help of this article you will get the full information about the characteristic.

1) The first thing, you have to download the app from Google dialer play store and complete the installation from the Unknown Sources from Android setting. After that download the Google Dialer app on your device using the Internet.

2) This dialer app is linked as a default dialer of the device. You can fix it as an icon from the app drawer but remember it will not be counted as the default app. If you want to make it a default app then go to the Settings > Apps. In apps click on Gear icon present on the top of setting screen. You will get the new screen or the panel for configuration of apps.

How to Enable Google Dialer New Floating Bubble Feature
How to Enable Google Dialer New Floating Bubble Feature

3) Select the Phone app option and then choose the Google Dialer to make the default app. Now close the apps and open File Explorer that allow the Root passage to the device.

How to Enable Google Dialer New Floating Bubble Feature
How to Enable Google Dialer New Floating Bubble Feature

4) Now open the XML file in the higher section which you have to edit it will be a text programming then watch for the G_enable_return_to_call_bubble boolean then change the value to true instead of the default value of false. after all the changes save the file.

5) Then forcefully stop the dialer app and then restart it again using the steps, Settings > Apps > Phone. Now you are free to use the Google Dialer floating functions without any problems.

So this method will help you to enable Google dialer’s new floating bubble feature in your device. You can get Google dialer APK mirror and update Android 6.0. Google dialer for Samsung is also accessible. You will find it very comfortable in handling the calls. Read this article and share the idea with your friends and make your Android a handy phone for yourself.

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