Google Docs Phishing ScamGoogle Docs Phishing Scam

Google Docs Phishing Scam: In the past days, we have seen many cyber crimes like password hacking, etc. The criminal hackers and cyber criminals keep on trying different phishing practices for annoying the internet users. Usually, the cyber criminals target the email as well as social media accounts. Today, I’m going to tell you about a Google Docs phishing scam which is rapidly spreading throughout the web.

If you want to get rid of the phishing attack, then proceed reading this article. The phishing attack is in the Gmail account, so, beware. The criminals send an email with a Google document. The fake email is sent by the third party member of your contact list. The emails come from [email protected] with the planned destination situated in the BCC field. It is not necessary that the emails are sent from the given address only.

Beware! Don’t Click That Google Docs Link In Your Gmail Inbox
Beware! Don’t Click That Google Docs Link In Your Gmail Inbox

Don’t ever try to open such emails if you have received. You know what happens when you open that kind of emails? When you click on the link or Doc, you will be directed to the Google accounts page which will have many Google accounts. You will be asked to select any Gmail account. You will be requested to generate an app known as “Google Docs.” Google Docs is the file having malware. After this process, the wicked criminal can access your account, read all your personal emails, and send scammed emails to your friend’s accounts.

Now, Google has restricted the accounts through which the hackers were targeting the decent users. The updates are transferred by Safe Browsing. Google crew is struggling to block such phishing attacks in future. Google claimed that there are more than 1 million accounts and only 0.1% Gmail accounts were damaged by the Google Docs attack. If you open the link now, then you will observe an error.

If you have clicked on such doc then visit Google app access, and quickly disable the Google Docs file. Docs have full permission to access your account by default.

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