Recently google has launched its latest one-to-one video calling app known as google Duo. This app was first exhibited back in may in the company’s I/O 2016 conference along with Google’s smart messaging app Allo. This app is just the basic version as for now, With only a few features, But after the response from the Google¬†playstore developers will make it the next big thing for sure. With that being said let me tell you why this could be the biggest among all.

Pokemon go is the most downloaded app of this year 2016, Until google Duo was introduced to the market, Yes with the number of downloads in U.S.A Google Duo is the number one app which makes Facebook messenger second and Pokemon go as the third on the list. With the ratings above 4.4 stars, It is being said that this app will compete with other similar apps like FaceTime, Skype, Viber, and others.

This is a basic version of the app yet most powerful Because this app will not only let you allow to do a video call with your contacts who also have google duo on their phones But also this app is developed to perform well even with the low network and less internet speed.
There is no doubt that google has delivered the best applications also this app could beat all the other apps with similar functions with its future updates.

This application comes with some good feature’s like you can preview the video of the caller with a feature called as knock knock. So before picking the phone instead of the name we will be able to see the video preview of the caller with the name. Once the user picks up the call then the audio will automatically turn on. Also, this application comes with end-to-end encryption.

In U.S.A, this app is on the top of the list leaving Facebook messenger and Pokemon go behind, Where as in India this app is on the 6 the spot as most people aren’t aware of it. But soon this app will hit the top spot in India too. Also, this app is climbing the list of trending sections and top new free list of the google play.

In the beginning of the release, some users from U.S and Canada complained that there is a problem with this app like the services of verification SMS were not working properly, leaving Failed verification via SMS error. which got fixed soon. And now the global launch is successful

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