Google Gave Another Good Reason Not To Buy Pixel 2 PhonesGoogle Gave Another Good Reason Not To Buy Pixel 2 Phones

Pixel 2 Phones: In July, OnePlus determined that it was absolutely fine for spam customers with reviews straight on the OnePlus 5. OnePlus 5 is a phone released last week before that. 
The only reason suggested not to purchase a device of the company which can pick such progress. Now, Google is repeating the same thing about Google’s Pixel 2 Phones. With reference to some reports, we can ask why Google is moving surveys on its Pixel 2 devices.

It would be justified if the tech company, Google notified buyers or requested the authority to operate it in the Settings app, or anyplace other than the screen. However, we all know that Pixel devices are costly phones at a range so buyers should not further pay Google by replying surveys which appear as adds on Pixel phones. This also means that the buyers will get to see more adds on their phones so the reason could force you not to buy Google phones.

Amazon trades exceptional Android devices which comes with great discounts as they display ads on the lock screen. These devices are Prime Exclusive Phones which resemble supported by advertisements. Customers understand that at such low-cost they will be able to purchase few of the enthusiastic new-comers devices in the market, but only till they can survey offers and ads on the lock screen.

The Android buyers who want a Pixel device are willing to spend the tag value. Moreover, they are suitably practicing lots of Google features on the phone which produces loads of ad income. The number of buyers who noticed the adds on their Pixel 2 phone is not clear, but as per Android Central report, their editor was the leading person to detect a pop-up right beside the base right side of the lock screen.

Google Gave Another Good Reason Not To Buy Pixel 2 Phones
Google Gave Another Good Reason Not To Buy Pixel 2 Phones

Google needs to understand the methods to enhance the Pixel or deserving the Pixel 2 phones continued mysteriously with problems shortly next to release. However, the buyers wish there could be some other way to solve the problem. Till now, we have got the same problem from two big companies namely, OnePlus and Google. This could worsen the results and withdraw the customers from buying phones of such big companies. As Android device producer can spam the buyers with all kinds of undesired pop-up ads or messages.

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