Why Google Map Is Showing Dump Tower Instead Of Trump Tower?Why Google Map Is Showing Dump Tower Instead Of Trump Tower?

The Trump Tower and trump international hotels are the assets of Donald Trump. It is the transition headquarters of the trump. It is situated in Columbus, New York City. On Saturday, the name of the trump tower was changed to dump tower in the Google maps.

On Sunday first light, Donald Trump was elected as President and his place of origin is Manhattan. Hence the tower was named as Trump tower for his victory of being a president. Trump said that he will reside in the tower most of the time and will visit the White House very often because he is more comfortable in the tower.

On Saturday the name of the tower and Fifth Avenue building was noticed to be changed in the Google map. Soon after, this news was viral on twitter and facebook. Donald trump has not yet given any response related to this news.

Google has given a statement saying that “they have recovered the mistake made by them and the name has been changed from dumb tower to Trump tower. They also added that the mistake is made because of the users, as the users have given this latest information to Google Map.

Sometimes the users are useful to them but sometimes they become the cause of the mistake.”

According to reports, “the Google map was hacked by a hacker but the hacker is not yet caught”. Google map is present in more than 45 nations.

The Google map has a feature in which any operator can edit the location such as roads, streets, name, landmark, etc. Sometimes this feature is used in a positive way but sometimes some wicked operators use this feature in a negative way.

It has been two weeks long election in which Donald Trump was elected as the Republican president. The elections are over but we can see the frustration of the Trump hater till now.

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