Google One To Bring Cheaper Online Storage Plans For UsersGoogle One To Bring Cheaper Online Storage Plans For Users
Google One To Bring Cheaper Online Storage Plans For Users
Google One To Bring Cheaper Online Storage Plans For Users

Google is all set to make a number of significant changes to its cloud storing services for the benefit of the regular customers. Pavni Diwanji, Vice President of Google One announced late on 14th May, Monday, that an online storage subscription plan called Google One is ready to replace the existing Drive storage facilities to accommodate for the present day new file formats like 4K and high resolution mobile photography.

This new plan is thought to be an up graded version of the Drive’s paid subscription plans. Under this initiative, cheaper cloud storage facilities will be provided to the regular users, instead of businesses, which is very clearly evident by the change of prices in the lower storage tiers majorly.

[su_box title=”The new pricing structure of Google One is expected to provide:” box_color=”#feceb1″ title_color=”#000000″]

  • 15GB storage space as before and users do not need to pay for the services.
  • Plans starting at $1.99 per month for 100GB
  • A new plan at $2.99 per month for 200 GB has been activated.
  • The existing 1TB plan at $1.99 per month is upgraded to 2TB at the same cost.Before the onset of this version, the 2TB plan was $19.99
  • The cost for other greater storage plans like 10TB, 20TB, 30TB tiers remain the same as confirmed by Google.

Notable information is that the Cloud storage service can be accessed by 5- members of the same family under one single bill. Along with this live support over phone, email or chat will be available for the first time to even the users not having G Suite Business account. Also some additional benefits like Google Play credits and deals on select hotels found in Google Search have been announced.

But Google One plan is still not the cheapest in the market. Some other organizations like Canada’s offer 500GB at $4.08 per month and also Amazon S3 offers 500GB at $2.00 per month. Apart from all this Google’s 2TB plan costs nearly same as that of Dropbox and Microsoft 1TB plan.

This new upgrade is to be rolled out to the users of US in the coming weeks and a global release is scheduled later on. The up gradation will be first done to the paid users of Google Drive services. Before the up gradation is done, a confirmation mail will be sent to all the users where they can manage their existing storage plans and benefits. So users! Look forward to the email confirming your upgrade to Google One.

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