7 Most Powerful Rooted Android Application Turns Your Device Into A Beast7 Most Powerful Rooted Android Application Turns Your Device Into A Beast

Google and apple have been in a lawsuit since 2012, This might be shocking to you. But Actually, something happened in 2012, A Stanford researcher discovered that google started tracking safari’s web browser activity. This giant search engine has used a tactic to fool customers and browsers for accepting ad-tracking software by peeking into apple’s privacy settings.

And since then there is a legal case between Apple and Google going but finally, it came to end when, Google has decided to pay $5.5 million as a settlement in a case of a class action that is referred as “unfair, deceptive, and unlawful business practices”. So after the settlement of this case filed in Delaware federal court. Now, this deal will make Google deny any fault over the hacking of browser.

How this happened is, Safari is a browser which is owned by Apple has some privacy controls which lead Google to track the browsers by fooling the users. But now Apple has changed it’s privacy controls to prevent any further issues. But previously Google managed to get in by camouflaging their cookies in such a way that it was able to access as a loophole present in the settings of safari.

After Google’s sneaking activity was exposed then the company decided to pay a huge amount of money to the state attorneys general for privacy violation. Google paid $17 million to the attorneys after they got exposed. Well, it doesn’t end there, They also had to pay $22.5 million for violating the terms of an earlier settlement, to the Federal Trade Commission. This amount of money was fined because of Google’s statement denying to admit they did any wrong before.

When Google was asked about the settlement they refused to give any comments. Also, the Lawyers didn’t give any type of response when they were asked about the settlement. This news about the settlement was out in the month of June.

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