Top 10 Interesting Tricks In Google Search For FunTop 10 Interesting Tricks In Google Search For Fun

Google Search For Fun: We all use Google search engine daily. There are many search engines available but majority of the internet users prefer google because it is simple and gives accurate results. Google can be used for searching anything from homework to top trending stuff. But most of the google users have no idea how much it is to play with google with these amazing tricks.

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You can use this search engine to performs multiple tricks and show off to your friends. In this article, i have covered top 10 google fun tricks that will change your google experience forever.

Google Search For Fun

Here is the list of top 10 google search tricks for fun.

1. Do a Barrel Roll

Google Search For Fun: If you’re with your friends then it is the best opportunity to surprise them with this Do a Barrel Roll trick all you need to do is Search for “do a barrel roll” without the quotes and then you can see the google page rolling like a barrel. For the first time when a user tries this trick will get panic thinking someone is wrong with this computer. Send this trick link to a friend and see his/her reaction.

2. Tilt/Askew

When someone is trying to search something on google send them this link and watch the reaction. Tilt/Askew will tilt the google page and the user watching it for the first time will be shocked. Try it with your friends and see the reaction.

3. Zerg Rush

Search Zerg Rush and see your google results disappear one by one. This search will take you to a google page where you can see alphabets falling and erasing all the results one by one.

4. Blink HTML

Google Search For Fun: Go to google and search Blink HTML. You can see all words blinking at a time. Try this with your friends.

5. Party Like It’s 1998

If your friend is using a high-speed internet connection send this link to him and ask him if he sees a basic version of google page loaded? He might get confused thinking his internet speed as been dropped.

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6. Shake It Trick

Google Search For Fun: Send this link to your friends and ask them what happened? This trick will open youtube and start playing a song with youtube icon shaking.

7. Atari Breakout

Feeling bored? Try this google game Atari Breakout. All you need to do is just go to google images and type “Atari Breakout”. You will see a normal images page then after few seconds the page will turn to a game screen and you can play Atari Breakout.

8. Recursion

This is a very amazing trick, just go to and search “recursion” and then normal results will appear. All you need to do is press the did you mean recursion. And you are stuck in a loop.

9. Gravity

Google Search For Fun: Gravity is one of the coolest and amazing tricks. You can see the whole google page upside down. All you need to do is open this link. You can send it to your friends to fool them

10. Guitar

Do you know? you can play guitar with a set of instruction all you need to do is open this link and type the alphabets in the google search shown below.

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