Google To Set-Up New A.I. Research Center In Ghana, AfricaGoogle To Set-Up New A.I. Research Center In Ghana, Africa

As per Google, they are going to start an Artificial Intelligence (AI) center in Africa. Gadgetsay reporters had all the discussions about setting up the new AI center. McKinsey a researcher said that Baidu the Chinese MNC and Google both are working together to build an AI research center in Africa. It is said that Google had put great effort and spend around $20 and $30 billion solely till the year 2016. After getting the amount the Mountain View Company without delay developed the AI center in China and France.

Google has declared to begin the AI center in Accra, Ghana. It has said in a blog, that Google workers are active in operating with the local universities and investigation centers, also managing with policymakers on the possible ways of AI in Africa. This is the first individual AI which is going to defeat Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft. Accra is a city in the west of Africa that also connect with Paris, New York, and Tokyo. It also includes Google’s Mountain View headquarters which is treating as an AI research center.

Google To Set-Up New A.I. Research Center In Ghana, Africa
Google To Set-Up New A.I. Research Center In Ghana, Africa

Cisse and Dean have stated that they are pretty thrilled to join with the researchers in AI and have machine training. They want to push the limits of AI in changing healthcare, cultivation, and literacy problems. The Company has invented offices on the continent many years ago. This digital skills operating plans will finally give profit for 10 million Africans. Google operates another action which is termed Launchpad Accelerator Africa which promotes 100,000 developers and 60 organizations.

In a blog posted by senior Google AI member, Jeff Dean and staff research scientist, Moustapha Cisse wrote “Events like Data Science Africa 2017 in Tanzania, the 2017 Deep Learning Indaba event in South Africa, and follow-on IndabaX events in 2018 in multiple countries have shown an exciting and continuing growth of the computer science research community in Africa.”

Google To Set-Up New A.I. Research Center In Ghana, Africa
Google To Set-Up New A.I. Research Center In Ghana, Africa

On Thursday, Lucy James, associate consultant with Control Risks Africa team said that Ghana has requested to Google that in their country education system and feeder institutions are not so good. She also added that the company should concentrate on the local art talent because the country is full of artistic talents. The neighboring continent Nigeria is a huge market which helps business center Lagos.

Instead of Google, there is more company funding for AI programs abroad. After researching, it was found that in 2018 Samsung company has started a fresh research center in Toronto, Moscow, Cambridge, and England. Google and Facebook are planning to raise the AI centers in France in coming January. So to get more details about Google Artificial Intelligence (AI) center just wait for next post of Gadgetsay.

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