Good News Grand Theft Auto 6 Is About To Come SoonGood News Grand Theft Auto 6 Is About To Come Soon

Grand Theft Auto 6: GTA (Grand Theft Auto) 5 was released in September 2013. The game became a successful project in a short time. Previously, GTA 5 has broken historic records and became one of the best-selling video game ever. Total 60 million copies of GTA 5 were sold worldwide. The GTA (San Andreas), GTA 4, GTA 5 was released in 2004, 2008 and 2013 respectively. By the release date, we can guess that GTA 6 might come in the next year (2018).

Grand Theft Auto has lots of fans. They are impatiently waiting for the next series. Recently, a report was posted which suggested about the release of GTA 6. Many publishers started publishing news according to that report. The report suggests that the famous game could come around 2018.

Good News Grand Theft Auto 6 Is About To Come Soon
Good News Grand Theft Auto 6 Is About To Come Soon

According to a report, the pre-production of GTA has already begun. After some days, the report was declared fake. The GTA 6 rumors were going viral because of Tim Neff’s CV post ‘GTA 6 action taking work’. Later, in an interview with PCGamesN, he said that ‘he doesn’t know about this report. After GTA 5, he has not started anything. The report is just rumor or a great mistake. It appears someone has tried to troll him online’.

The report was a mischievous act of some wicked third party, not even a part of the production team. The fake CV has left behind some photos and basic data. Neff’s told, “his name was used to spread the report in between the GTA fans just to fool them.

As you all know, Rockstar has already announced Red Dead Redemption 2. It will be out nearby Spring 2018. The RDR2 and GTA 6 are themed on open-world adventures hence, both the games cannot be released at the same time. So, GTA 6 release date will be probably kept on or after 2019.

Good News Grand Theft Auto 6 Is About To Come Soon
Good News Grand Theft Auto 6 Is About To Come Soon

Los Angeles was the best spot for Grand Theft Auto 5. The team will surely search a new location for GTA 6. Rumors suggest that in GTA 6 Rockstar Games might attempt to capture entire United States in GTA 6. We have seen the powerful male protagonist in GTA series. The characters are impressive like the trio Franklin/ Trevor/ Michael from GTA 5, Niko from GTA 4 and old Carl Johnson from GTA San Andreas. This time we want a tough female protagonist as the GTA series don’t have any female characters. The Rockstar can also introduce new characters in GTA 6.

The expectations of fans are higher from Grand Theft Auto 6 because the last version was a killer in the gaming sector. The fans were excited since the first promo of GTA 5 was released. We have seen the betterment progress in each version of GTA so, we hope that GTA 6 will be better, than GTA 5 in creativity as well as visuality.

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