Security researcher discovers a Zero-day in Facebook that allows him to take over any FB Page. Facebook is fast becoming a superlative medium for small and medium businesses to promote their products to a wider customer base.

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From recent news a Security researcher discovered a Zero-day in Facebook, and this allows him to take over any FB Page easily. Facebook has been changing things from the beginning along with adding additional features. Recently Facebook introduced Promote your business or celebrity page new feature.

You could list your products or services and boost the post by paying a little amount of money to Facebook, which in return will take your posts to reach thousands of people. You can create a page and put a product for sale and boost it to do sales online. What could be the better place than facebook where all people visit with different sort of interests.

Arun Sureshkumar an Indian security recently discovered a zero-day in the Facebook Page, and with that, he can take over control of any Facebook page belonging to any organization. He also described this bug in his blog post, Where he mentioned that he can take over literally any Facebook page of celebrities or political leaders. Facebook Business Manager will allow you to share your businesses securely and have total control over their ad accounts, Pages, and other assets on Facebook. Whoever is in a business can see all their pages, ad accounts on which they work.

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But the thing is, the person who is in control of all these things need not share any Facebook account or page information. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t even need to be connected to his friends or co-workers on Facebook to work on his business. But the thing is Arun has managed to get into the business page and he clearly explained about this in his blog. Also, there is a video shared by him. Check out below. (Updated-User removed the video from youtube as per demand)

After Facebook got to know about this. Facebook decided to reward him. Check out the image below to know the prize from Facebook to Arun.

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