See what happens when a guy put an iPhone 6s in the middle of the chain and gear of his motor dirt-bike. The results obviously interesting.

iPhone is from an Apple Inc which is the top smartphone company in the world with the highest rate of interest from all users and non-users, basically, many people were unable to buy this brand smartphone perhaps this guy teach us that how fool we are, and still has a curiosity to buy one.

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Have you ever realise that what happens when you crunch your iPhone between the change and gear of the bike, probably no, but a guy from TechRax demonstrate us that what happens when we put an iPhone in that thing.

We all know that the bike they are using is very expensive, so they are killing an expensive phone using expensive bike, however if you have a car and want to crush your phone then you must have a bike you can donate your car anywhere you want to.

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But we recommended you to donate your car to california. bikes are seriously more attractive to todays teenager rather than any car, but still some people love those expensive cars to, you can donate your car at least 2 times and you will be rewarded.

However, the brand new iPhone 6s no more available after the unfortunate crash between the chain. this guy lets the other mate accelerate the gear to spin in a circle.

At last, he said “Let go ahead and Do this” lol is he gone mad..

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Here we GO.

In this demonstration video, haha, lol yes we can call it as a demonstration because practically this guy teaching us the circumstances of doing so. The bike is also not the normal one, it is dirt-bike KX 450 and with this, they accelerate the chain putting the device between that and crunch it, the video displays it all.

Hope you liked it! good day!