January 3, 2009, seven years ago a company named bitcoin was introduced to the market of assets in the form of a payment system. Satoshi Nakamoto invented it, And Nakamoto introduced the idea to a cryptography mailing list on 31 October 2008.

Then released in 2009 as an open source company. Now about the hack to the company, which caused the company to loss of $68 million at current values. Yes, you heard me right. There are still rumors that the people who hacked are actually the users of the same company.

Most of the users are from china because more than the 3/4th percentage of users are from china as per sources. And there is one thing which is not affected by it and that is the U.S dollars which are not impacted.

Now this gives us the straight info that if the account is only bitcoin exchange then the impact is on the account. It is the largest U.S dollar trading exchange in the whole world.

“If this leads to legal action against Bitfinex/BitGo it’ll raise a lot of interesting questions about how wallets and custody work,”

Said by Peter Todd bitcoin code contributor based in Toronto shared his thoughts in an email.

The company is busy in settling things and accounts and the reaction of the users on social media platforms are not positive till now. The users may get equity stake or some amount depending on the credits lost due to this impact. Guo said,

“A lot of people won’t be willing to share the loss, but long-term wise if the platform can return the losses to people then it will be ok”.

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