Hackers Can Use A Single Photo To Hack Your Android DeviceHackers Can Use A Single Photo To Hack Your Android Device

If you’re using an Android device, Here is some new for you. Your device can be hacked with just a simple image, And the worst part is you don’t even need to open that image. Yes, it is true. Recent reports have confirmed it.

There is a flaw in an android device, which is vulnerable and can lead your phone to get hacked with just a single image received on any platform like Facebook or App like Gmail. The moment your phone starts operating in a strange way, You must understand that you’re hacked.

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Security researchers discovered and confirmed that there is a vulnerability in your smartphone, Which can lead your phone to get controlled by a hacker within a fraction of seconds. The hacker will just send an image using ExifInterface. And your device can be accessed remotely.

This flaw is very dangerous that it will parse the data, which is received on the victim’s phone in an image format through a website or apps like facebook messenger. And then give remote access to the hacker, Which can lead to either brick your phone or give full access to the attacker.

Tim Strazzere said “Since the bug is triggered without much user interaction – an application only needs to load an image a specific way – triggering the bug is as simple as receiving a message or email from someone. Once that application attempts to parse the image (which was done automatically), the crash is triggered”.

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Recent reports from researchers stated that this hack will work for most of the popular Android applications like Gmail, Gchat, and social networking messengers. And this vulnerability will be affected for the Android devices, which are running the android operating system versions from 4.4.4 to 6.0.1.

After this news went viral Google has stepped forward to fix this by releasing a patch. Basically how this works is, the attacker will create a generic exploit inside an image in order to break the security and exploit device and send the image to the victim, which will do the rest and give access to the hacker.

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