Hackers Don't Want To Share This Password Cracking Techniques With YouHackers Don't Want To Share This Password Cracking Techniques With You

If you want to ensure your password and the data it protects is as secure against hackers as possible then be sure to read that Hackers Don’t Want To Share this Password Cracking Techniques With You. 2016 has been a great year for hackers and probably the worst year for the online firm/companies.

It does not matter how strong your websites security is or how famous your company is, these hackers will break into your security system and turn your system upside down.

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We all know that if a file or folder is protected by a password that means it is definitely in a safe zone. Anyway, ‘myth’ is the perfect example for this password cracking techniques. To know, how these hackers cracked Yahoo, LinkedIn, and other major websites servers security, check out the techniques below.

1. Hacking Into a server

Hacking into a server that stores passwords in a plaintext is the easiest thing for hackers to take those passwords in many easiest ways. One can hack the server using an SQL injection or just by a simple method by finding the vulnerability in the hard disk of the server. The passwords can be extracted easily when one can enter into the server from the database. Storing the passwords in a plaintext would be the dumbest thing people will do just like how Yahoo was hacked a few years ago by doing the same.

2. In a man-in-the-middle (MITM)

In a ‘man-in-the-middle’ attack, the hacker will hijack two machines communication like two clients, a router and a server etc. Then the hacker will prepare his computer and sets up like it is the legit one communicating and makes it look like both the clients are communicating with one another. This would allow him to view any information, which is in a plain text. That’s how the hacker gets your usernames and passwords.

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3. Using trojans

Trojans are basically the malware programs, designed by hackers and spreading all over the internet with a bundle in an applications or software which a Windows or Mac victims (User) will use, basically these high-level trojans viruses are embedded within the popular applications, so when the user download any software from a untrusted website. He gets the malware, not the original app, and once he runs the app the hacker gets in the system in no time.

4. Social engineering

Mostly this technique is used by people, who don’t want to make things complicated. Because this technique doesn’t require any coding or programming knowledge. Just setting up a fake website and forwarding it to people who will do rest of the work. The only thing victims need to do is to open the link and fill up the blanks with personal info.

5. Brute force method

In this method, the hacker will gain the password just by guessing it. Basically, brute force method works by guessing the passwords, where the hacker enters random words with numbers for finding the password. In social networking websites, people keep passwords of simple words, which can be guessed easily like the combination of letters with numbers or a word with a couple of numbers. Example: xyz123, football123. The hackers will enter some random words with numbers and obtain the password after several attempts.

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