From recent news bunch, of hackers hacked 7 Indian Embassies Websites and then they exploited the data by dumping it online. Since Q1 of 2016, there are a lot of hacking issues involved in almost everything and these wars between India and Pakistan has also been also a reason for hacking issues since hackers from both the countries are hacking websites and exposing data online.

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Recently there was a speculation that reported that Pakistani hackers group hacked thousands of Indian websites because India attacked Pakistan’s terror camps several times. The outcome was clear more 7,000 websites were hacked as a reply from Pakistan and so does the Indian hackers did by hacking Pakistani’s websites.

But Indians didn’t hack normal websites, they raged up and hacked government websites apart from that several government websites were locked by Indians. Two hackers named as  Kapustkiy and Kasimierz L  on twitter  dumped the database on These hackers admitted that they are from Netherlands and they have successfully broken into seven Indian High commission websites.

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According to media reports on Monday, These hackers had published “the login details, passwords, and database which contains names, passport numbers, Email id’s and phone number have been published online”.

And according to tech.firstpost one hacker contacted E hacking News and said in an email  “I am from the Netherlands. I’ve found several SQL on their websites and I reported it. But they ignored me so I dumped there db [database], Hackers leaked details of 1161 Indians living in South Africa, 145 in Italy, 305 in Libya, 35 in Switzerland, 74 in Malawi, 14 in Mali and 42 in Romania. Vikas Swarup who is external affairs ministry spokesperson said Hindustan Times “We are aware of the issue and we are fixing it”.

Also One of the hackers whose name is Kapustkiy on twitter told Hindustan Times “We did it because their security was poor and as the Indian Embassy they need to have better security” The hacker further claimed that “The websites have a SQL vulnerability. Even a six-year-old could breach it,”

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These hackers admitted that they are under 18 years of age and the reason they did was to remind the websites admins about the serious vulnerabilities available on their websites.

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