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Recent reports from World Anti-Doping Agency, Hackers revealed medical records data from Rio Olympics. Tour de France three-time winner Chris Froome is in the top 25 athletes from the countries. Britain, the United States and Germany and five other countries confidential details was leaked into the public domain late Wednesday.

After the hack, which leads the confidential details leaked, the top athlete Chris Froome said, “I’ve openly discussed my TUEs (therapeutic use exemptions) with the media and have no issues with the leak which confirms my statements”.

A statement issued on behalf of Wiggins said: “Everyone knows Brad suffers from asthma, his medical treatment is BC (British Cycling) and UCI (International Cycling Union) approved”. Also, after the medical records of gold medal-winning gymnast, Simone Biles and Venus Williams were in the four American female Olympians, whose data was leaked by hackers on Tuesday. This leak has been confirmed by WADA as a second round of leaked data posted online. And the substances, which were found in the leaked data are anti-inflammatory medications and for treatments of asthma and allergies.

Later Froome said, “In nine years as a professional I’ve twice required a TUE for exacerbated asthma, the last time was in 2014”. In the last month, he gained a bronze medal in the time trial at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, and in the month of July, he won his third Tour de France title.

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In the latest leaked data, it has revealed around 25 athletes, 10 athletes from the United States, five from Germany, five from Britain, and others from Romania and Russia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland.

When asked to head of Anti-Doping Denmark about the leak, Michael said, “I am furious that the hacking group is using such insolent and illegal methods”. And WADA director general Olivier Niggli said in a statement, “WADA is very mindful that this criminal attack, which to date has recklessly exposed personal data of 29 athletes, will be very distressing for the athletes that have been targeted and cause apprehension for all athletes that were involved in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games”.

Russians officials said that this hack has nothing anything to do with them. And Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko said through a translator during a visit to Athens earlier Wednesday. “You blame Russia for everything. It is very ‘in’ now”.

After Tuesday’s WADA statement, The International Olympic Committee said it “strongly condemns such methods, which clearly aim at tarnishing the reputation of clean athletes”.

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