The Hackers Can Easily Fool The Samsung Galaxy S8 Iris Scanner Using A PhotoThe Hackers Can Easily Fool The Samsung Galaxy S8 Iris Scanner Using A Photo

Recently, Samsung has released its latest smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Both the smartphones have facial and iris scanner features. As you all know, these features are for unlocking the phone and opening a website. Facial and iris recognition features are also for operating the Samsung Pay.

According to the previous reports, the hackers can trick the Samsung’s facial unlocking feature easily. For this, a hacker need is one photograph of the smartphone’s owner. Now, the hackers claim that they can fool the Samsung Galaxy S8 iris scanner feature.

A German hacking group of Chaos Computer Club (CCC) has come with this statement. All they need to fool the security feature was a camera, a printer, and a contact lens. The group from a white hat hacking club who also recorded a video demonstrating the breaking of Samsung’s iris recognition. The feature which Samsung claim is not beatable, promptly broken by these hackers.

The Hackers Can Easily Fool The Samsung Galaxy S8 Iris Scanner Using A Photo
The Hackers Can Easily Fool The Samsung Galaxy S8 Iris Scanner Using A Photo

The CCC group applied the night mode setting on a Sony digital camera and clicked an ordinary scale picture of their subject. With the benefit of infrared light used in iris recognition, the members took a print out of a real-life sized infrared image of a single eye using Samsung’s printer. After that, they fixed a contact lens above the picture to give some intensity. By following this simple method, they were able to hack the iris recognition of Samsung’s latest smartphone. The black hat hackers can easily misuse the Samsung pay feature, with this method.

According to Samsung’s official website, the iris recognition feature is best for the user’s security. They prefer the user’s to use this feature for unlocking their phones. About the hacking of iris scanner, Samsung said that they are conscious of the problem, but the security feature in Galaxy S8 is created through severe experimenting to prevent hacking with owners iris image. In future, if any vulnerability arises relating to iris scanning feature, they will try to solve the issue as soon as possible.

You should beware with the biometric features like fingerprint scan, IRIS scan, and facial recognition for unlocking your phones. The biometric features can easily hack by the professional hackers. Instead, use the old technology of strong password and device encryption for keeping your private data’s secure.

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