Hackers Stolen More Than 100 High Tech CarsHackers Stolen More Than 100 High Tech Cars

If you own expensive cars thinking that it is safe from theft with all the high-tech features then think again. Two professional car thieves in Texas, US managed to steal more than 100 cars using hacking techniques.

The two guys involved in this theft are Michael Arce and Jesse Zelaya. Interestingly they only needed a laptop and a software to get into someone’s car. The two used database and vehicle ID to create new key fob for the target car. It is still unclear how they got access to database of codes used by dealers, auto repair shops, etc to replace lost key fobs.

Hackers Stolen More Than 100 High Tech Cars

The men were recorded on various CCTV cameras and were later identified as Michael Arce and Jesse Zelaya.

The two already had criminal records and were arrested while driving a stolen Jeep. The police recovered electronic devices, drugs, firearms, body armor and other tools.

The stolen vehicles are put up on sale in Mexican black markets. Brands like Jeep and Dodge attract customers willing to pay substantial money.

Yoni Heilbronn, a computer security expert, pointed out that with more automotive tasks becoming computerized and more cars being linked to the internet, such thefts are likely to increase across the globe

Arce remained in jail without bond on charges of unauthorized use of a vehicle, possession of a weapon, and possession of drugs.

Zelaya is being held on $500,000 bond on a charge of unauthorized use of a vehicle.

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