Hackers Can Use Branded Robots To Spy On Your FamilyHackers Can Use Branded Robots To Spy On Your Family

Robots: Technology is getting advanced day by day. The growth of technology is a threat to humans as well. A perfect example of technological growth is Robots. Many people are willing to get a Robert to their home but are it safe for the humans. Can Robot live with a human family?

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According to latest reports gadgets should not be trusted in between the human family. Security researchers have succeeded to hack robot from three of the world’s successful companies. These robots can spy on the purchasers, record videos of their owner and also harm them.

Beware! Hackers Can Use Branded Robots To Spy On Your Family
Beware! Hackers Can Use Branded Robots To Spy On Your Family

The professional hackers at IOActive have discovered a major flaw in three well-known robot of Softbank, UBTech, and Universal. According to them, “any hacker can easily control the robot and use it to harm the victims.” The robot can record and click photos of the victim’s house. The hackers can also use a robot for voice recording. The security vulnerability in all the robot brands is not same. The hackers can control the robots according to their flaw. The protection defects induced Softbank’s NAO, Pepper robot, and UBTech’s Alpha.

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Lucas Apa, a head security expert at IOActive said, “People think that the gadgets are simply devices and playthings, but they are not aware that these gadgets can follow their family members or can maltreat them. A Robot are not simply toys they will become larger, tougher and quicker with the passage of time. The robots should be strictly examined before purchasing. One should think twice before buying a robot with camera and microphone.”

According to IOActive, if hackers organized a Pepper robot, to operate at a moderate speed towards a person it could use adequate strength to crack a bone. Softbank has marketed approximately 20,000 Pepper robots with 28kg weight.

Elon Musk and many other technologies and artificial intelligence experts requested United Nations to end “killer robots.” About 116 technological leaders have signed the note which supported the ban on autonomous hardware. Previously, we have seen reports relating to the hacking of kids toys. So, we should be cautious while using the gadgets in a right way.

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