Hardware Hack Bypassed iPhone Password SecurityHardware Hack Bypassed iPhone Password Security

Think your multi-digit iPhone passcode is safe? Think again. New research from a Cambridge computer scientist has shown that, with just a few cheap components, an iPhone passcode can be hacked with relative ease.

Dr Sergei Skorobogatov from the University of Cambridge has built a bypass rig that can unlock iPhones by cloning the smartphone’s memory.

From recent news now you can bypass iPhone passcodes by using these electronic components which cost just £75 ($100).

Recently a computer scientist from Cambridge has attempted to clone iPhone and he was successful, his method allowed him to enter unlimited numbers of attempts to guess a passcode and he finally cloned an iPhone.

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Recently even FBI attempted trying to get into an iPhone earlier this year but couldn’t figure out and said this is not possible and would not work.

The FBI made the claim as it sought access to San Bernardino gunman Syed Rizwan Farook’s iPhone.

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From recent reports, a guy named Farook and his wife were shot by police in California last December. They both killed 14 people and the FBI believed that farook’s iPhone contained all the information about collaborators.

Apple was pressured to provide any solution like a software backdoor which can help to enter into the device, But Apple just refused and according to reports $1 million was paid to a security company for retrieving data from Farook’s phone.

After this incident, Dr. Sergei Skorobogatov, from the University of Cambridge computer laboratory, has decided to bypass iPhone pin codes security and has worked for four months for building a testing rig which can help him bypass the security of iPhone 5C pin codes.

Dr. Sergei Skorobogatov showed in a youtube video that how he finally managed to remove a Nand chip from an iPhone 5C. It is the main memory storage system used on many Apple devices.

After removing the chip he then went on finding how the memory system communicated with the phone so that he could clone a chip. Then the target phone was packed back with modification and now it had some extra materials in it. Dr. Sergei Skorobogatov inserted a Nand chip on an external board then he copied the versions so that it could be plugged easily in or removed.

Later he removed the Nand chip and substituted it with a fresh clone. This clone have its pin attempts counter set to zero because this will allow him entering several codes until he finds the correct.

In a statement, he said, “Because I can create as many clones as I want, I can repeat the process many many times until the passcode is found”.

Watch Dr. Skorobogatov’s full video

Later Dr. Skorobogatov said, “Finding a four-digit code took about 40 hours of work and finding a six-digit code could potentially take hundreds of hours”. And then he added about Apple by telling the different techniques could make it “more challenging to analyze and copy”.

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