Here Is Why Using Adblocker On Your Browser Is A Security RiskHere Is Why Using Adblocker On Your Browser Is A Security Risk

From recent news, there are many complaints against Adblock and most of the users have already stopped using it. Although there is one thing experienced by most of the user is that Adblock is causing browser performance problems that lead to laggy or slow down of pages that we browse.

There were many issues talked about Adblock over different websites and after many debates on Reddit there was no conclusion but the question remained answered equally from both the perspective of Adblock. Where the majority of the users answered that Adblock is no longer safe and on the other side the same majority of users supported Adblock. After many complaints against Adblock, uBlock entered the software market as an alternative to keep the browsing performance good.

It was said by the majority of the users that, Now Adblock has added a new feature known as “Acceptable Ads” program. This new program was stated as fact by most of the users on Reddit. With this program now Adblock will have full authority to show ads of some major companies like Microsoft and Google.

Also from recent news, Adblock is said to be sold already to some anonymous buyer and there are speculations that this will cause harm to users because it is being said that the new buyer is about to turn Adblock into something malicious. This may comprise all users security and there will be many consequences.

A user from Reddit has explained few things about the Adblock security compromising issue.

“So as others have pointed out, Adblock and Adblock Plus (and confusingly, AdBlock with a capital B) are separate entities. Super confusing. However, apparently, the latest news is that AdBlock has been sold to AdBlock Plus! So maybe some of the confusion will go away?
Also, I’m seeing a few comments about safety”.

There is also he added!

“Right now I don’t think there’s any evidence of any of the Ad-Blockers actually being unsafe or being a security risk. A lot of the discerning factors are related to transparency, privacy, and effectiveness. You could argue that these are parts of safety and security but I wouldn’t go as far as the OP’s concerns of getting hacked due to any of these products”.

Though there is no evidence or proof against Adblock, the users are still increasing along with complaints.

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