Here’s Why Some Disappointed Apple Fans Are Moving To Ubuntu LinuxHere’s Why Some Disappointed Apple Fans Are Moving To Ubuntu Linux

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In the last month of October, Apple organized an event to highlight it’s all new MacBok Pro but some professional users were disappointed. In the event, Apple revealed MacBook Pro’s feature like brand new Touch Bar which is quite amazing the functionality of this touch bar is really awesome because it changes its appearance depending upon the type of applications that are running on the screen.

Without any doubt, this event had some epic moments that changed the history of Apple, when they showed the size of its new product. This new MacBook Pro comes with stunning looks and these products will be the thinnest and most powerful compare to all the other launched ones.

But this time Apple has left something behind and this could cost them the loss of the many customers who expect new things and features that are useful for professional users. All of this started when it was rumored that Apple is removing connectivity ports–HDMI ports, SD card slot. These ports are essential parts of the device. Most of the people are dependent on these slots since they have advanced features.

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And not only this later it was rumored that connectivity ports–HDMI ports, SD card slot, Thunderbolt 2 ports, and standard USB port are being replaced by 4 Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports. The main aim was to keep the same power user segment but it is causing a lot of problems for professional users.

And after all these things it still doesn’t end there. Because even after all the ports are gone and replaced by new limited ports, Apple has also limited the configuration that is leading to loss of interest. These new MacBooks are expected to be launched with a maximum configuration of 16GB of RAM that is totally not acceptable because 32GB of RAM is now used by power users as a standard Configuration.

On the other side of this tech world, Giant Companies like Microsoft has been proving itself as a promising and an expectable one. While Apple power users are turning their way towards Linux.

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