50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2017-201850 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2017-2018

50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2018: This is no doubt that everyone wants to know Google secret tricks, the tricks that not many people are aware of but still some people do remember those tricks when it comes to necessity, suppose you are a traveler and always want to keep yourself up to date then you will always use Google Flight Status like feature. These types of cool tricks on Google had its presence since long-time now it’s time to dig out more.

50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2018

This is no doubt that Google always tries to hide some features from their users so that the users gets curious and does several types of research on those hidden new google tricks. All google tricks are here, to help you we have researched on Top 40 New Google cool Tricks which are very useful, many of them are for fun, if you want to impress your friends in an extraordinary way then use these tricks share with them and do more fun on cool google tricks.

Previously we have shared an article on Google hidden games which is also a part of this Top 40 Cool Hidden New Google Tricks! but they are specifically made for users who want to play games on Google. Check out the top below tricks for Google!

Below 50 Hidden Cool New Google Search Tricks List For Funny and Educational Tricks 

1. Google Pacman

50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2017-2018
50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2018

The first and will always be in the top is Pacman, one of the google game tricks! yes, Pacman is very popular in the world of gaming since 2010, Pacman Game on Google was on PacMan Anniversary as Google Doodles on May 21, 2010. and Google also made the game officially available for the game lovers on the Google front page which mean’s if your search only for “PacMan” on Google you will be able to see the game with Click to Play option from where you can play Pacman.

The game is developed by Namco in the May 1980s when people are yet unfamiliar with the internet and at that time there was a Pacman machine people used to put the coin to play again after the dead of Pacman. now each year on Birthday anniversary of PacMan Google used to embed Doggles in the front Google page! Enjoy the game and more tricks on google.

2. Do a Barrel Roll Google Tricks

50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2017-2018
50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2018

Do a Barrel Roll basically determines for aircraft that how a pilot rotates 360° from its axis aerobatic maneuver, the trick is also applied on Google page when you search for Do a Barrel Roll on google you will see the changes, you will have fun for sure, this trick was very old, on 2011 Google introduced some of these tricks on Easter Egg. There are more New Google tricks below you can findout!

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3. Google Gravity

New Google tricks are here, the most famous! you can use this trick if you want everything should work like earth’s gravity! yes, the gravity we are feeling currently as a living being you will also face the same gravity on Google, everything will fell down.

How Can You Do it? Before you move to Google search bar, you need to do some settings on your browser, visit account preferences page and disable the Google’s Instant results, now from address bar type www.google.com and on the search box type Google Gravity and without hitting enter button just move your mouse cursor on the suggestion of Google Gravity you will find ‘I’m feeling lucky’ option click on that.

4. askew

50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2017-2018
50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2018

Another yet for fun! yes, on this trick you will see all the Google search results on tilt way and if you show your friend who is unaware of this trick then he might think that the monitor has got some serious trouble, use a computer for the best prank! Just type on search box ‘Tilt’ or ‘askew’ and enjoy.

5. Zerg Rush

50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2017-2018
50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2018

The one interesting search you will encounter with is Zerg Rush, I loved it the most! because when you search this you will find the results are getting destroyed by the Zerg Rush, basically those O’s are the enemy of your search results and will try to kill all the results instantly you just need to win the race against them (Them means they O are in huge numbers) you just need to kill those Zerg Rush before they will all the results.

It is very hard to race against them but you will see the final results are GG which means good Game and you will lose the race against Zerg Rush. Search more New Google Tricks below!

6. Atari Breakout

50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2017-2018
50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2018

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On google type ‘Atari Breakout‘ and click on ‘Images’ tab wait for it you will see the results while playing game, this is only for normal gamer who want to spend time playing common game but yet this is one of the popular game when it was launched and now also people used to play this game searching that word ‘Atari Breakout’. Kill all the image results to win the match. Search for atari breakout I’m feeling lucky.

7. Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris on previous days was very much popular, people used to search it to know what exactly it is. The result was weird! when someone search for “Find Chuck Norris” then google was with a prompt says “Google won’t search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you.” If you want to know who is Chuck Norris then you will find him as a Martial Artist also he has played a role in The Expandables 2. Now he is a Film Producer and screenwriter. Find Chuck Norris other google tricks and find chuck Norris I’m feeling lucky.

Updated Find Chuck Norris: Now when you search for him you will encounter with “Chuck Norris invented Chuck Norris jokes, but he never submitted any because Chuck Norris submits to no one.” Quite confusing? yep yet interesting search! more below!

8. Google Translator Beatbox

Yes you heard it right, Google translator Beatbox, if you want to do some experiments with your simple life then you just need some boost enjoyments using this Google Trick, this trick basically a music composer in which Google translator speaks out the written words. And you can enter any letter or word the translator will speakout. let’s try some fun, copy these and paste to the google translator box and then click on Listen. “

pv zk pv pv zk pv zk kz zk pv pv pv zk pv zk zk pzk pzk pvzkpkzvpvzk kkkkkk bsch

9. Do the Harlem Shake

What basically Do the Harlem Shake Google Trick Prank is? this is based on Easter Egg in which a group of pranksters at YouTube have honored the meme by Google YouTube as fun on little Easter Egg with a shake, when you search for ‘Do the Harlem Shake‘ on www.youtube.com then after 15 sec the whole screen will start dancing or we can say the screen will starting shaking including the videos thumbnails and the sidebar navigation. This is an awesome fun trick Google has made for its fan! Anyway, this is not the only meme-based Easter Egg, when Gangnam Style hit 1 Billion views the YouTube set up a dancing view counter.

10. The game Dinosaur

One of the most addictive game ever on Google Chrome and on Google. If you are good at playing games then score high than others visit here to start your gaming experience and also you will find players already scored around 35,000 to 40,000 score, if you think you can beat them then good luck with you! this game can be found from Google Search, just type The Game Dinosaur and within the suggestion click “I’m feeling lucky”.. start the game!

11. Conway’s game of life

This tricky game was an old one but still if you search for Conway’s Game of Life then it will allow continuing browsing to the end of the Google search, basically, behind this game, there is a British Mathematician John Conway who created the theory with a combination of Game of Life.

12. The Loch Ness Monster

On Google Map search just type “Loch Ness” which will show you in a doll street view, basically for those who has much time to spend on searching these and getting information of how this things works, use the comment box how you feel working on it.

13. com/sky

50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2017-2018
50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2018

This Google trick will help you to understand the closer look on our Galaxy world, you can zoom in and zoom out to see different types of comets. See your own Earth and other plants. Just search for com/sky and with the first results you can get the website or you can directly visit here.

14. Buildwithchrome.com

Are you interested on creativity? if yes then this google trick in 2018 getting much popular for kids when they want to create their own world on different dimension! yes, just google or direct visit buildwithchrome.com and you will find small pieces with endless Lego. Construct your own world using the unlimited Lego, The best part is you will learn and understand the creativity format on your brain. Yes it’s an educational and playing concept. Keep creating and learning until you get bored in this Lego World!

15. Google “once in a blue moon”.

Have you ever seen Blue Moon? search for the term “once in a blue moon” in google and you will see the results as calculation, what exactly it is? The moon turns blue after volcanic eruption occurs and thus the dust particles float in the atmosphere which turns into the diffract blue light, you now will understand why Moon at the time of sunset looks Red.

16. Google Mirror

50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2017-2018
50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2018

Now another interesting Google trick, Google Mirror means whatever you will search on Google Mirror you will find those in backwards written or can be called as a mirror of everything. Have you seen an Ambulance? how does it look at the front bonnet? it is written in a mirror way. Just search on Google ‘Google Mirror’ and do not click enter, just after typing click on ‘I’m feeling lucky’ It will take you to the Google Mirror! Enjoy.

17. Type <blink> in the search box.

Just search <blink> on Google and see what happens! You will say that Google has so many things to do. blink blink blink.

18. Google Guitar

50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2017-2018
50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2018

As we are saying from the beginning that how Google is making their Search Engine more convenient in every way, like now you can play or make music using Google Guitar, just search for Google Guitar with same ‘I’m feeling Lucky’ and you are redirected to the Google Guitar page where you will be able to play Guitar Tunes, sing and play! Enjoy More New Google Tricks below!

19. You can use Google as a timer

50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2017-2018
50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2018

It is Awesome isn’t? just search for ‘Set Timer‘ on Google you will be able to set the timer instantly, you really don’t need any additional software to use this timer feature. The only thing you need is Internet, Search ‘Set Timer’ and after you manually set the time you will hear the constant beep sound which means the timer has completed. Works exactly as Stopwatch! Enjoy More New Google Tricks for 2018.

20. Get Direct Forecast of Any City

50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2017-2018
50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2018

If you are living in San Franciso and want to know the weather condition of that location then you just need to type on Google as “San Francisco Forecast” and you will get your result as how much temperature the city is facing including upcoming days weather forecast as Humidity and wind speed. New Google Tricks For Information is here 2018.

21. Get Information On Particular Site

On Google Search for “site:gadgetsay.com” you will find several links which only related to gadgetsay, so if you want to get information on any particular information such as Skype Alternatives then you will get like this, “site:gadgetsay.com skype alternatives” and you will get information only related to Skype Alternatives.

22. At Restaurant Calculate Tip

50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2017-2018
50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2018

This trick is one of the “Must Remember” Google trick, yes if you are at a restaurant having dinner what will be the tip if your total dinner cost $500? just search on Google “What is the tip for $500” it will show you the tip price, but you can even adjust the percentage of tip that restaurant is allowing also can set the number of people having dinner. Set as per you like and send some food to Gadgetsay! 😉 Enjoy.

23. You can check your flight status.

If you are a traveller and want to keep always upto date then use Google Search trick to know your flight status, just on Google Search box search “Flight Status JAL Flight 707” You can use your flight number.

24. Search Movies Showtime on Your Location

On Google search box just type “Movie Times at San Francisco” and you will get the bunch of movies show going on San Francisco, it will help you to know which show is going or will start on which theatre.

25. Search for “flip a coin”

If you are on a quiz or on at bet with someone and having no bucks then use Google Search for that, just from your smartphone or from manually type “flip a coin” or from the mic itself on smartphone you can say that and it will give you the flip of coin which comes either Heads or Tails. 😉

26. Google General Knowledge And Fun Facts!

The most interesting and educational trick ever on Google, yes if you want to boost your general knowledge then this is the best trick for you! just search for “Fun Facts” or “I’m feeling Curious” you will get questions with answers, all are random, you can even click on Ask another question frequently!

27. Listening Animal Sounds On Google

If you want to know how animal sounds then you just need to type Animal Sounds on Google Search box and it will give you bunch of animals with their vocal sound!

28. Right Now What People Are Searching Across The World?

If you want to know what people are searching around the world right now? then you are on correct place, just go with the link here and see how many people are currently searching for particular or several terms! Check here.

29. Google in 1998

Just type “Google in 1998” in Google Search Box and you will see the results how Google looks like in 1998. it’s a huge transformation between these years.

30. Get direct download link of any Files

Get direct download link of an M3p or video or any movie link, we have already shared an article on How to get the direct download link of any file from Google Search, just type in search box “intitle:index.of?mp3 Your song name here” you can change the extension with mp4, 3gp or Avi format. Enjoy ;).

31. Google Is Your Dictionary

If you don’t have a dictionary with you then no worries, just Google your word with Define and you will get the meaning of the word you searched for, for example, you want to know the meaning of congregation then on Google type “Define congregation” and you will get the definition of it.

32. Get Alerts On Any Topic You Want To Know

If you want to get alerts on any topic such as Trump Speech then just visit here and type your alerts, make sure you are logged into Google and you will start receiving alerts on every new article on that topic.

33. Search any file type format in Google

If you are searching for a specific file type then search keyword like “Filetype: Yourfiletype” or “filetype:.exe” and you will get bunch of files with direct downloading options.

34. Dig More Into A Website

Search Info: Website and you will get information or history of any popular website, such as info:theverge.com and you will get information about the site even from Wikipedia.

35. Find Release Date Of Movies In Your Country

To find any movie release date then just type the movie name and the release date on Google search box you will see the first release date on big format. “(movie name) Release date”

36. Get any product as per the range you want.

Find Products on Google from a given specific price range example; Search 2018 Phones $100..$150 and you will get lists of smartphones which is between 100 to 150 dollar. See result.

37. Are are searching Google in .com extension but getting redirect to .uk or .nl?

In a Different Country, Avoid Country Specific Redirects On Google. Go To Google.Com/Ncr and it will not redirect to any country extension and will help you to get US based .com results.

38. Need Calculator? Here you have it.

You really do not always need to open any application just to calculate numbers, just open www.google.com and type calculator and all problem solved.

39. Get Recently Published article with alteration on Google Search.

If you are searching for a topic and you found several articles on that but didn’t got the recently published articles then you need to use Google Tools, click on Tools after Google Search Box and then you can see several options like Country, Timing, and Results type, select Any Time and from there select Past Hour or Past 24 Hours based as per you want. Enjoy!

40. Find twitter profile on Google

Just type @ and then any keyword for example; @Gadgetsay, you will find Twitter or Flipboard profile.

41. Google Heart Graph

Google Heart Shaped Graph is really an educational Google trick ever we found, we all know that there is no real equation to make a graph for love but here you can do it! yes.

What you need to do is, just simply paste the below function into Google’s Search Bar..

(sqrt(cos(x))*cos(400*x)+sqrt (abs(x))-0.4)*(4-x*x)^0.1

You are done now!

Google will show you heart in graph manner in which you can analysis the Heart Graph. Check out the video below you will find more interesting Google searches Fun Graphs.


42. Green Hill Zone

Well yet another interesting trick, Best for Kids, the fun in this trick is that when you search for “Green Hill Zone” on Google, you will see snippet at the right top corner of the web page, click 25 times on the sonic character and after 25 clicks it will turn him into Supersonic hero.

43. Using Quotes (“”) Indicates For a Specific Phrase on Google Search

If you want to search something more specific on Google and don’t know which word or keyword you need to place after or before then use the quotes (“”) and then place your keyword within the quotes and hit search, you will see your exact match search web pages on Google search results.

This search will eliminate all nearby search results keywords which are not exactly relevant to your searched keyword. Overall it means, you will search for an exact keyword on Google.

44. Use Minus(-)

Here is another hidden and cool Google tricks which will help you searching and eliminating things fast on Google Search. Adding minus (-) symbol just before any keyword means on the search result you will your results within that particular word you searched adding -minus symbol.

For example, if you want to search for a smartphone under 400 dollar but you want to eliminate one smartphone like Redmi so you will search it like the below-shown image.

Use Minus - 50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2017-2018
Use Minus – 50 New Google Tricks List Which is Funny And Educational 2018


So these are only the top 50 New Google Tricks 2018, We try to keep you updated on each new tricks we found on Google, also these Cool Google Tricks are widely popular among teenagers so try to share this with your Friends. If you have more with you then don’t hesitate to add in the comment section so that others can get your tips too! All these New Google Tricks are old but still some of them are new and still in use, like Resturant waiter Tip calculation and other regular calculator and the currency exchange rate real-time information, some of these are searched regularly.

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