Hisense A5 Series

On the occasion of World Book Day, Hisense has launched three versions (Hisense A5 Series) of the colour ink screen reading mobile phones. The launch took place at the China Digital Reading Cloud Conference 2020.

The Hisense A5 Series Smartphones of the reading mobile phones utilize the latest typographic colour e-paper technology. It adds a colour filter layer to the original white and black ink screen. This colour electronic paper technology is capable of displaying 4096 kinds of rich colours.

When it comes to functional prospect, the colour ink screen reading mobile phone catches the minimalist desktop design. It portrays high-fidelity HIFI chip as well as volume keys to turn pages and other functions.

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Along with, the new Do Not Disturb mode can define its personal reading protocol. When you read, social messages and system notifications pop up as the floating windows. Additionally, the company also acknowledges the full-screen page turning function.

The colour ink screen reading mobile phone collaborates with head content platforms like Migu Reading, Palm Reading, Jingdong Reading, QQ Reading, and more. In addition to it, users can also download news and social platforms.

The A5Pro features CC version and the classic version in terms of appearance screen. If the classic version is based on the white and black screen design, while the CC version is based on the colour ink screen design.

In other specifications, the A5Pro installs the Zhan Rui Hu Ben T610 CPU and independent speaker. Both A5C and A5Pro share 5.84” screen with 136 ms refresh rate.

Further, the handsets support dual-SIM module along with the T card three-choice design scheme. The Android 10 OS rules the software department. Phones also host Type-C interface, NFC function and fingerprint scanner. The A5C configures the Snapdragon 439 processor.

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