Recently, we have been getting too much information concerning the upcoming Honor X10 handset. It seems there is nothing outstanding with this smartphone. But it has managed to make a huge stir around itself. This simply indicated that the forthcoming Honor device will be well welcomed by the customers and there is every reason to predict it will become a best-seller. Today, one of the bloggers published the first leaked photo of this handset. The photo shows quite narrow chin and no openings on the screen.

Honor X10

We’d like to think the Honor X10 will come with the world’s first under-screen camera. But it’s not so. The reason why we can’t find any openings on the screen is that it will sport a pop-up camera design. For many users, it’s way better than the punch-hole screen design. As for the borders, we used to see narrow borders on many models. But narrow chin can be found only on the highest-end models, such as the iPhones and a couple of Chinese smartphones. So in this sense, the Honor X10 will look more attractive than many handsets in the same price range.

The photo also showcases a matrix rear camera module. The main sensor will use the Sony IMX600y CMOS. It uses side fingerprints.

The Honor X10 comes with the Kirin 820 5G SoC, supports up to 9 5G frequency bands. It also uses a 6.63-inch 2400 × 1080 resolution 90Hz LCD screen.

The battery capacity is 4300mAh, which supports 22.5W fast charge, and there is also a 3.5mm headphone jack.

We have also heard this model will have four colors: speed detection black, light speed silver, racing blue, and flaming orange. As you guess, the leaked model the flaming orange variant.

The new Honor X10 series will be officially released on May 20.

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