Honor X10 Max

This morning, the Honor brand officially announced that the Honor X10 Max uses a 7.09-inch RGBW eye protection sun screen.

If you don’t know what this means, RGBW is to add white sub-pixels to the original RGB three primary colors to turn into a four-color pixel design. Under the new pixel arrangement, the maximum brightness is increased by 70%. The typical value of the screen brightness of the Honor X10 Max has reached 780 nits.

Honor X10 Max

Xiong Junmin, vice president (product) of the Honor Business Department, said that some indoor sub-pixels of the Honor X10 Max can be turned on to reduce backlight and power consumption. So, the same size RGBW screen has a significant difference from the RGB screen power consumption – Honor X10. The unit power consumption of the Honor X10 Max screen is reduced by about 14%. Also, the Honor X10 Max uses a 5G network and the Honor 8X Max uses a 4G network. The power consumption of the former is better than the latter by 7%.

Honor X10 Max Screen Parameters

The Honor executive also said that in addition to being brighter and more power-saving, the Honor X10 Max screen also supports DCI-P3 movie-level wide color gamut. The latter allows the screen to display richer colors. In terms of cost, ‘large-screen phones over 7 inches have fewer panel cuts and the yield rate is only 70%-80%. So the wasted cost has increased tens of millions of R&D expenses.’

In addition, the Honor brand also proposed a new direction of eye protection for smartphones. It said: ‘In two years, the professional low blue light eye certification for the 8X series has become the industry standard. What is the new direction?’

Honor X10 Max

Honor X10 Max Other Features

Anyways, apart from a large size screen with amazing display parameters, the Honor X10 Max has other features catching our eyes. As said, the Honor X10 Max is expected to use a 7.09-inch 2280 x 1080 resolution water drop screen. But it will also come with dual speakers and a side fingerprint recognition. Under the hood, we are expecting to see a built-in 5000mAh large battery, which supports 22.5W fast charge.

Finally, the Honor X10 Max is said to sport a mid-range SoC in face of the MediaTek Dimensity 800. Many have been wondering why the company decided to choose this chip instead of the much-popular and more powerful Dimensity 1000 series. But it turns out the iQOO Z1 has taken the all orders of the Dimensity 1000+ chips, and the only Dimensity line product that currently has a sufficient stock is the Dimensity 800.

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