Use Any Android As Computer Microphone 2016 UpdatedUse Any Android As Computer Microphone 2016 Updated

Today we are going to share that how can you use your Android microphone to control your Windows computer by voice chatting with friends 2016!

We all know that we the Android user are the hardcore users instead of iPhone, and this is the fact that 70 percent of iPhone users are really don’t care to do any tricks on their iPhone, but Android, it has a huge network with unlimited alteration and feature that users experiment with their device every day.

Android being a very smart device have extra ordinary features too. We are going to start the process and steps in which you can easily understand the methods and steps that How TO Use Your Any Android As A Computer Microphone To Control.

We all know that our computer desktops are not embed with mic and we do experiment with several ear bugs to create a mic and voice receiver, but now we really don’t have to do that complicated work.

If you don’t have a mic in your laptop or desktop computer then you have more conform mic than ever you will have, and that is your Android smartphone. Just follow the below steps to get your things done.

There Are Two Methods To Use Your Android As Mic For Your Win Computer


Steps To Make Your Android Device As a Mic For Your Windows PC:

Step1: At first for your windows PC you need to download these two software, The Client Steup Program and other WO Mic Device Driver.

 Client Steup Program and other WO Mic Device Driver
Client Steup Program and other WO Mic Device Driver

Step2: And again go to Google Play Store and download the below application WO Mic.

Download the application WO Mic
Download the application WO Mic

Note: Only after successfully downloaded and install the software or application on both the device, Android and Windows you can proceed the below steps!

Step3: From your Android, launch the downloaded application and click on Start. Next you will be prompt to choose the desire transport, means the connectivity with your windows computer.

choose the desire transport
choose the desire transport

Step4: Go to the Settings and you will see Audio Source under that make sure that you had enabled your Mic.

 Audio Source - enabled your Mic
Audio Source – enabled your Mic

Step5: From your windows computer go to your client setup program, and select the same connectivity as you have selected in your Android.

client setup program
client setup program

All done, your android will be connected to your win PC as per your desire connectivity example, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB. Now your Android will be used as Mic for your PC. If you have any issue in this then you can comment below with your issue.


In this method, you are only required of a cable and a PC software, and note one thing, your cable should be male and male jack on both the side, you can buy it from your local store.

download Real Microphone
download Real Microphone

Step1: For your computer just download Real Microphone. Install it and launch!

Step2: Connect your Android via ear jack headphone having both the side male plug.

Now all done, you are now just connected with your computer and from now whenever you want to talk with your friends and relatives then you can use your Android mic to perform Computer mic.

The provided method all above are being tested and worked well, if in your computer it didn’t worked well then you can contact us or comment to the below Facebook comment box. And this is How To Use Your Any Android As A Computer Microphone 2016 Updated, stay tuned for next tutorial for today.

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