In this digital age, social media is a widely used platform. Social media has the power to effect social change in society. Due to easy and free availability of the internet is one of the major causes of the popularity of social media.

Social media allows billions of people to communicate and share experiences. It provides everyone with their own space as the beauty of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Each person’s profile is unique and different from others as everyone has different interests.

Social media is also a source of social change because the information available on such platforms can change viewer’s beliefs. It also affects consumers’ behaviors as social media marketing is a modern way of marketing because by using less effort, people can get to know about the product.

Social media influencers as mentors

Over the past few decades use of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat has garnered interest. Due to the popularity of social media, social media influencers are using social platforms to earn money and popularity. Influencers create content on a daily basis related to every field of life.

They use many modern techniques to make their content more attractive, like the Instagram video creator app. Many influencers use modern gadgets to edit their videos and other content.

Many influencers have even started their own business after gaining popularity through social platforms. Social media influencers also impact our daily lives as popular fashion trends spread faster among the masses.

Excessiveness of anything is harmful. That is why excessive use of social media platforms is eating away our face-to-face time. Many people prefer to send digital messages rather than going to another person’s place.

Multicultural world

Social media is a global platform used by people of every nation, race, and culture. Due to the diversity of social media users, cultural harmony and acceptance can be seen among diverse groups.

The world is turning into a multicultural village as people are adopting popular culture. We can see how A large number of people copies American food and dressing style.

Cultural mixing can negatively impact national cultural heritage as people forget their own culture and values to keep up with the modern world’s trends.

Usage of Global trends as a power source

People are becoming increasingly interested in national and international affairs due to the vast network of information on social media. People are sharing their political beliefs and biases on social media these days.

Global organizations like the United Nations handle international relations, but now, in this digital age, people are also playing their part by raising voices about violence against humanity by using social media trends as a soft weapon to attract the attention of responsible authorities.

Social media political campaigns have increased tremendously over the past years. These platforms play an important role in electoral politics as different agendas can be propagated through social media to support a particular candidate.

Challenges of social media

Social media is used for many useful purposes like growing business, gaining information, communication. Still, on the other hand, it is not safe for everyone, especially for young and teenage children.

Many social media platforms lack privacy; because of that, identity theft and personal attacks are common issues these days. Cyberbullying is quite dangerous. Over the period, many people had committed suicides due to negative feedback and trolls.

Social platforms also impact our mental health because carefully crafted and photoshopped videos and images can manipulate our minds and make us question our beliefs. Moreover, due to the easy availability of explicit content, people are becoming morally corrupt.