How To Hide Folders Or Files In Your Android MobileHow To Hide Folders Or Files In Your Android Mobile

Android users can use their devices for several purposes unlike other mobile OS platforms android is not limited to few tasks. Any android device can perform multiple tasks and also can create an app for free and use it for multiple purpose.

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When it comes to privacy Android is one of the platforms where you can set privacy to the highest limit by using available software or you can do it by applying simple tricks also.

This tutorial is about privacy and securing your content in your device from all the other people who access your mobile temporarily. We all have secret or private files and data available on our devices and we don’t want anyone to have access to it without our permission.

But we can’t just ask the user to not lookup for anything like images or texts. So this tutorial is about hiding your data or content from all the other users who use your device temporarily. You friends, family or colleagues will never know about your files with this trick.

Follow the steps below to hide Folders and files without using any third party app.

Step 1. Go to File manager and this trick works well in the default file manager itself so you don’t need to go to play store and download a separate file manager app.

Step 2. Create a new folder and place all your private content(data) in it. You can cut your content and paste it into your new folder.

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Step 3. Now you need to rename your folder by just adding a dot symbol before the name of your folder. In this case, the folder name is new folder so add a dot to it ( .new folder ).

Step 4. By doing that your folder will disappear. You don’t need to worry about it because it is just hidden in the device. You will have full access to it like a normal folder

Step 5. Now in order to see your folder, you just need to unhide it or select show hidden files and folders option. You will find that option by pressing the menu option in a file manager and selecting show hidden folder.

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This is the best and the easiest way to hide your private files in a folder without using any third party application in your android device.

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