How To Hide Any Big Size Files Inside Any ImageHow To Hide Any Big Size Files Inside Any Image

Hide Any Size Files Inside Any Image, No Matter How Big Your File Is, But That Image Will Hide Your Big Files Within It.

Have you ever noticed that how hackers used to hide their personal files inside any image? You probably not, the image will be very simple but when we see its size then you will be shocked! Today one of our tricks is based on Windows computer where we will share an amazing way that you can store your secret files under any image.

You may have heard about the power of using CMD as command prompt in Windows computer. Using this, It can even change your entire system settings! however we are sharing this trick with you and this is based a bit of coding on CMD as the command prompt.

Now just follow the below steps so that you can hide your large size files Inside any image without using any application or software, If you found any problem following the below steps then use the comment box to ask your question, we will solve for you!

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Steps To Hide Your Large Size Files Inside Any Image Without Using Any Software!

Follow1: From your Windows Desktop Right Click And Select A New Folder And Name it as GadgetSay and then inside the folder put some music files.

Follow2: Now if you have moved your files to that GadgetSay folder then just compress all the music files together using WinRAR software and Name the WinRAR file as GadgetSay which will be basically a Gadgetsay.rar.

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Follow3: Now On that folder of GadgetSay you have three songs and one RAR file, now you need an Image where you will hide your file (This is an Example, you can use this trick to Hide Any Files). Use any Image you like and Name It as Gadgets.

Note: In that Gadgetsay folder now you have one RAR file named as GadgetSay, Three mp3 songs and one image named as Logo. (The Image should be in jpg format)

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Important Steps Starts!

Follow4: From your Keyboard press Windows button and R button to open Run window and then type CMD to open Command Prompt. Type the below following commands:

  • cd Desktop\GadgetSay (The name of that folder you created within Desk and cd because it’s under C drive)
  • copy /b Gadgets.jpg + GadgetSay.rar Logo.jpg
  • exit

All done, Now you will see the image Logo which is increased its size, to confirm that right click on the Image and then select properties you will see that it will be in MBs if you saw that then you are successfully hidden your files using the steps.

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Now how to access that hidden file?

Now to access the file you made hidden under the image, right click on the image and click on Open With WinRAR Archiver.

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This is How To Hide Your Large Size Files Inside Any Image if you have any doubt using or implementing this trick then feel free to use the below comment box to ask your question and we will answer it shortly. Hope you liked it, Share it And Use it.

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  1. Hello guys I need ur help, I successfully hide my files, the problem is I was unable to view it, using the procedure stated above.
    Pls help me out

  2. Right click on that file and just extract, how you extract your Rar file? the same procedure! if you dont find that Rar file application by clicking the Open as then browse it using the same open as and the Browse to C drive and find Rar file you can select that..

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