How To Block Any Program Using Windows Firewall

Microsoft has been providing the best operating systems ever since the first windows operating system was launched. We witnessed new features and amazing updates with the launch of every operating system. There are a couple of inbuilt features available in windows that help you defend your computer through the operating system.

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Most of the times you install software from unknown sources and then it will gain the access to the whole OS. This happens when you download or install a software from the unsecured website or from the malicious drive. In every window’s operating system there is a software that is known as Windows Firewall and it is inbuilt. This program is very useful to defend against malware or viruses. Even you can prevent hackers to gain access to your computer by Windows Firewall.

Follow the steps below to block any program using Windows Firewall:

Step 1. You need to go to the start screen in windows 8 then type firewall and select Windows Firewall option.
If you want to open the Firewall in Windows 7/Vista/XP then you need to click on the start menu and select the run option. Now in the run command, you need to enter firewall.cpl and then click OK.

Step 2. Now you need to click on “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall” link. Now this will open a list of programs with check boxes arranged next to them.

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Step 3. Now you need to select “Change settings” option. This is necessary in order to adjust settings. Then you may need to enter the password if asked.

Step 4. Now you can block the program by clicking on unchecking the box when the box is in the unchecking state the firewall will block the program to connect from the internet.

Step 5. This is how you can uncheck any program and block it via windows firewall.

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How To Block Any Program Using Windows Firewall. This is the best and easy way to block programs that are harmful to your computer.

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