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Email continues to be an effective means of communication, and now more than ever because email can be accessed via mobile devices, and with the number of smartphone users globally expected to surpass 5 billion in 2020, one is left to wonder what the future holds. In our today’s guide, we will be bulk deleting Gmail Emails on Android. 


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Android alone has in excess of 2 billion active users globally, and currently commands a comfortable lead of 86.6% of the global smartphone market share as of 2019 according to IDC, this is evidence of its popularity.  

Email access is one of the most popular ways that people use their Android smartphones, and Gmail is the most preferred application for this. Email continues to experience exponential growth and there’s no sign of slowing down now with access going mobile. However, this development has not been without challenges, spam being number one.

Usage Statistics

In fact, according to Internet Live stats, close to 3 billion business-related emails are sent every second which translates to about 200 billion daily. That’s staggering and considering that’s just official email communication, the numbers are over the roof when you factor in unsolicited emails, otherwise known as spam. 

This brings us to the idea of email management which this post is about, and specifically how to delete all emails at once on the Gmail App in Android. That’s something you’ll have to do at some point to declutter your inbox. Often you’ll find that only a small number of emails we receive at any given time are actually useful, lots of others are just marketing communication or pure spam. Business communication is mostly done via email but that also makes it a target for spammers. 

Gmail for Android

The Gmail app for Android is a very convenient and useful application, the only problem with it is that it offers no way to bulk delete emails that you no longer need, you either have to delete one at a time (time-consuming) or let your inbox overflow. It’s actually much easier to bulk delete on the PC version, so we’ll explore tricks on how to delete emails in your inbox in Gmail for Android too.

NB: Before you proceed please identify and secure your important emails first, one way to do this is by creating a label for them. In case you delete an important email by mistake, then you’ll have to ensure that you comb through your trash folder and restore it within 30 days. Gmail purges the trash folder every 30 days, after which emails there are irrecoverable.

Using Google Chrome To Delete All Gmail Emails

This works similar to deleting Gmail emails on PC, but in our case, we’re using android. Here are the steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome for Android
  2. Navigate to 
  3. Sign in with your email and password as per usual.
  4. Tap next (if Google suggests opening via Gmail mobile app, ignore it, keep using the mobile browser)
  5. If you’re signed-into your inbox, click the 3 bars next to the Gmail icon in the upper left corner. This will open up the other side of the label, garbage, spam, etc.
  1. Navigate down, locate and click the ‘desktop’ link at the bottom of the page
  1. Tap the 3 horizontal dots (Chrome Menu) in the top right corner of chrome
  2. Select ‘desktop site‘
  3. Scroll down, select the ‘standard‘ link, this link will display the desktop version of Gmail
  1. For instance, If you want to delete an email from Pinterest, type ‘pinterest’ in the search box. You can use the Gmail search operators, for example, the ‘label:unread‘ (show all unread emails)
  2. If you want to delete the entire Gmail inbox, check the selector box (under the Gmail search button), 50 emails will be selected, click the trash button. This allows you to delete 50 emails at once.
  1. To view 100 emails in the Gmail Inbox, select the gear symbol, click the setting
  1. On the main menu tab, look for ‘Maximum page size:‘ update it to 100
  1. Go back to the inbox, 100 emails will show, here you can bulk delete 100 Gmail emails at once.

Using Microsoft Outlook To Delete All Gmail Emails 


Outlook for Gmail is an app for Android designed by Microsoft which has very much the same features as the Gmail App, what we’re interested in though is how to select and delete all emails at once or bulk delete. 

Steps are as follows:

  1. Go to Google Playstore, search and install the Outlook for Android
  2. Start Set-up by clicking ‘get started’
  3. Pick your Gmail account to continue
  4. The app will identify default Gmail account, add it, grant give permission, 
  5. Skip the next step until the inbox appears.
  6. If the mailbox doesn’t display anything yet, click Load More Messages
  7. There will be two choices of ‘focused‘ and ‘other,‘ on the left of the filter button
  8. Choose ‘other‘ to display in detail
  9. Wait for all emails to be fully loaded.
  10. Select one of the emails you want to delete
  11. Click the menu – 3 dots – in the upper right corner, choose ‘select all.‘
  12. Hit the delete button, it will delete all Gmail emails at once
  13. Your inbox is empty

This app might take a while to fully synchronize the changes you make, so be patient while it does its thing.

Using MyMail To Delete All Gmail Emails at Once 


Now here is another app that offers a number of benefits that will simplify your email management tasks, with MyMail you can select only unread emails, flagged emails, or just emails with attachments. The only drawback is that for it to work well you need to load all emails to the very last, which sometimes can be tricky with a slow internet connection, nonetheless, it is worth trying.

Steps are as follows:

  1. Go to Playstore, search and install Mymail, or click here
  2. Launch the application
  3. Select Google (if using Gmail) on the ‘add your email’ menu, 
  4. Pick the Gmail account you want to use or add a new one
  5. Grant mymail permission
  6. Wait for the inbox to appear
  7. If you see ‘load all email’, scroll down to the last email
  8. Tap and hold to the lowest email
  9. Click the menu (3 dots) in the top right corner
  10. Choose ‘select all‘, making sure the amount is the same as in Gmail
  11. Select the menu again
  12. Click delete, 
  13. All Gmail emails will be deleted at once
  14. Wait for a while until the synchronization process is completed

Using Mailstrom To Delete All Gmail Emails


This is not a free method, but it’s the fastest in case you have some money to spend and don’t want to fumble with a manual process. It’s also best if you have a lot of emails to delete. 

Let’s get started:

  1. Go to Mailstrom using your browser
  2. Select the type of email service you use, Gmail in this case
  3. The either: Enter email data and password, 
  4. Or select an account if you’ve signed in to your Chrome browser with your Gmail account.
  5. Grant mailstrom permission
  6. You will receive acknowledgment notification via email

NB: Trial version of mailstrom lets you delete up to 200 emails at once. If you need more say to delete up to 100k of emails, you’ll have to pay $6.95 subscription, or $9.95 for 250k emails, or $29.95 for unlimited. The choice is yours. 

Protect Your Gmail Inbox From Unwanted Emails

Using steps above may not help much if you keep receiving tons and tons of emails, and especially unsolicited, so protecting your email account from unwanted emails is a crucial first step you should consider, to reduce email overload and the need to have to bulk delete, fortunately, there are steps you can take to accomplish that.

Email Filter & Report Spam:

  1. Launch the Gmail App
  2. choose all the emails you want to filter/block
  3. Select the menu in the top right corner of the email
  4. Click the “sender block”, this will send all future emails from the sender to the spam folder
  5. Alternatively, you can just report the email as spam using the option Gmail provides on the email viewing window.

Yippee! And now you have a clean inbox!

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