How To Create A Software That CleanSpeed-up Your ComputerHow To Create A Software That CleanSpeed-up Your Computer

Batch file usually a format of Virus which is in .bat and here today we will create the same format file but instead a handful virus we will create a bat file which will help us in a single click to clean the memory and other temporary files from the computer.

We will create a file which can be called as hand-made CC Cleaner for your own computer and this CC Cleaner type format we will use within the code using NotePad and then we will convert that file into a .bat file which will help you to boost your computer speed by cleaning the Temporary and Prefetch files in just a single click.r does..

The procedure is very much simple, anyone can just copy the code and pasting it on your notepad and then the same notepad will be turned into a bat file. To make you clear that this is not a harmful virus that you are using, It is just a code which can directly access to those files where your temporary and prefetch files are stored and then with a single command of double-click will erase all the temporary files.

Follow the below steps to get your bat file now!

1. Go to your desktop and Right Click on any where except the programs and select “New” and under that go to “Text Document”

2. Now open that Document and then Paste This

@echo off
del /s /f /q c:windowstemp*.*
rd /s /q c:windowstemp
md c:windowstemp
del /s /f /q C:WindowsPrefetch
del /s /f /q %temp%*.*
rd /s /q %temp%
md %temp%
deltree /y c:windowstempor~1
deltree /y c:windowstemp
deltree /y c:windowstmp
deltree /y c:windowsff*.tmp
deltree /y c:windowshistory
deltree /y c:windowscookies
deltree /y c:windowsrecent
deltree /y c:windowsspoolprinters
del c:WIN386.SWP

 3. Then as i said before Save it as any file name just like mine “Clean.bat” 

All done, now you have created a file with the help of a tutorial from Gadgetsay that How to Create a Batch File That Clean and speed-up Your Computer The file now will help you to clean your overall computer temporary and prefetch files alone withe it will boost your computer in a single click. If you have any Issue with the tutorial then please use the below comment box.

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