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If you dislike receiving weather alerts and want to disable Google Weather notifications alerts on Android, this is a must-follow guide for you. You will learn some pretty cool methods on how to stop receiving weather notification alerts on your phone.

disable google weather notifications

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It is quite pleasant to get weather notifications on your Android smartphone’s display in advance. It tells you the weather forecasts and alerts of the bad environmental conditions before you stepped out for work. But on the opposite side of the coin, receiving weather notifications is also an annoying experience, especially for those dwelling in areas where the weather rarely changes.

Here’s where you don’t need to be necessarily informed by weather notifications on your Android phone. However, weather notifications are a great way to know the climatic scenario in advance, but it can also mess up your handset’s notification and ruin your battery life swiftly. Honestly, if you indeed do not require any weather forecast, you can simply inactivate the service from Google and other third-party apps installed on your Android smartphone.

Google App is primarily responsible for pushing weather notification alerts on your device. Further, Google Assistant is yet another trusted weather notification supplier as well. But if you feel genuinely uncomfortable with these sorts of notifications, here we have some pragmatic solutions for you. We will get you to know how to disable Google Weather notification alerts on Android smartphones. So, let’s start.

Different Ways to Turn Off Weather Notifications on Android Devices

Through this guide, we will consider three ultimate categories, where you can put a hurdle before weather notifications. The following are the three areas you can navigate through.

A. Disable weather notifications from Google App

  1. You need to approach the Google App by visiting Settings > Apps & Notifications.
  2. Now, hit the app to open it.
  3. Click on ‘Notifications.’
  4. Here you can disable the button of the ‘Current Weather Conditions’ button.
  5. You also need to disable the ‘Daily Weather Forecast’, ‘Weather Alerts for Big Changes’ along with the ‘Miscellaneous’ option in the same section.

B. Disable weather notifications from Google Assistant Routines

  1. First of all, open the ‘Google App’ from the App Menu and locate and hit the ‘More’ option.
  2. Go to Settings > Google Assistant > Routine > Good Morning.
  3. Under the ‘Good Morning’ section, you can uncheck the box against ‘Tell me about the weather.’

C. Disable weather notifications from third-party apps

  1. In order to avoid weather notifications from third-party apps, you can simply go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > See All Apps.
  2. In the list, you will hit the Weather App to open it.
  3. Now, find the Notifications and disable the toggle.

Final Words

Wrapping the things up, it is not rocket science to disable weather notification alerts on Android devices. You can simply follow these steps illustrated above to get rid of annoying weather alerts if you no longer need them.

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